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Sunday, 6 May 2012

ARTDECO and Dita Von Teese team up for new collection!


German cosmetics company Artdeco has teamed up with Dita Von Teese to present the Burlesque performer’s first makeup collection, ‘Dita Von Teese Classics’. 


The ‘Dita Von Teese Classics’ collection aims to help women recreate the beauty icon’s signature Old Hollywood look – porcelain skin, sensual red lips and arched black eyeliner. The products are notable for their retro cameo design, which is an homage to vintage jewellery.

Her first collection with the company includes the tools to replicate her classic look: blacker-than-black eyeliners for the perfect cat eye, and ruby red lipsticks, but also includes neutral eye shadows in both matte and pearl, and a subtle set of blush shades. The makeup line will include a powder compact, four blushes, a gel eyeliner and brush and pencil eyeliner, as well as 12 individual eye shadows, mascara, false lashes (with and without rhinestones), six lipstick shades, two lip liners, a lip lacquer and four nail polish colors. Packaging is black with vintage boudoir-style detailing and a sketch of the line’s inspiration, along with her name.  At least two more releases are planned, one with fall-winter trend colors, and one with special luxury packaging.

For a porcelain complexion the range offers the Compact Powder ‘Face Fatal’ No. 1, a micro fine compact powder that creates a transparent, gently matt finish. Oil-absorbing ingredients eliminate shiny skin, while light-reflecting pigments create a smooth finish. The finely powdered texture blends in with the skin with the help of the accompanying puff or brush. 

The four limited Blushers come in Von Teese’s favourite spring colours, including a subtle rose ‘Starlet’ No. 31, apricot shades such as ‘Ingenue’ No. 09, as well as various strong shades of rose such as ‘Ivresse’ No. 20 and ‘Paramour’ No. 22. 

The retractable Eye Styler in deep black ‘Minuit’ No. 51 traces the inner and outer contours of the eye simply and precisely. This liner has an innovative, ergonomic design: the rubberized grip and the narrow shape of the pencil make it easy to apply the intensively coloured texture. The limited-edition contour pencil with built-in sharpener is ideal for sensitive eyes. 

Von Teese’s signature black eyelid line is easy to recreate with the ‘Dita’ Gel Eyeliner ‘Nocturnelle’ No. 1, a gel-based waterproof black eyeliner. It is said to accentuate the eyes with just one application, with carbon black pigments creating deep black colour results. This limited-edition eyeliner has a long-lasting and quick-drying formula and is free of mineral oil, paraffin and parabens. 

The Art Couture Eyeliner Brush is made of particularly fine hair, and is used for precise application of the Gel Eyeliner. A natural look is achieved when the eyeliner is applied with the tip of the brush. Placing the brush flat against the skin creates a broader line. 

Von Teese’s smoky eyes can be created with Eye Shadows Matt in ‘Veuve Noir’ No. 503., combined with ‘Von Fleece’ No. 512. A more subtle look can be achieved with shades of brown, ‘Brunesque’ No. 520, ‘Sepia’ No. 530, ‘Mink’ No. 524, and light ‘Petticoat’ No. 554. 

The limited Glamour Eye Shadows with tiny pearl pigments add further highlights. ‘Night Porter’ No. 300 and ‘Opulence’ No. 369 accentuate the eyes, while ‘Wisp’ No. 370, ‘Spotlight’ No. 371, ‘Gilded Lily’ No. 374, and ‘Plush’ No. 375 add just a touch of colour. 

The eyeshadows can be stored in the magnetic Beauty Box Square in ‘Dita’s Design’

The Art Couture Lash Volumizer ‘Raven’ No. 01 in jet black is a perfume-free mascara combining volume, extension, and separation of the lashes in one. Natural wax, extracted from rice bran, nourishes the lashes and makes this limited-edition mascara suitable for sensitive eyes. 

The Artificial Lashes made of real hand-tufted hair make eyelashes look even thicker and longer. The ‘diva’ look is achieved with No. 39, which includes black rhinestones. They are easy to attach, and can be reused with the transparent eyelash adhesive. 

More sneak peeks to follow shortly Beauties!

Belle xXx

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