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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Inglot Blush Palette - Photos & Swatches!

Inglot is a fairly new cosmetics company to Ireland, however, it originates from Poland and has been in production since the mid 1980's so they're far from new when it comes to the world of makeup. They are now well established in over 160 countries worldwide and they are fast becoming a YouTubers and Bloggers favourite.

I picked up this 4 pan blush palette recently and I'm in love with it completely! I picked this out from their "Freedom System".

One of the most unique things about Inglot is their ‘Freedom System’ which basically leaves you free to mix and match so many different products and put them into your choice of palette.  You can choose from eyeshadows (round or square – 158 different shades), face powders (20 shades), blushers (24), eyebrow powders (10) and waxes (5), lipsticks (90) and concealers (19).  There are all different types of palettes starting with 2 eyeshadows working all the way up to a palette that can fit 30 eyeshadows or a combination or eyeshadows, face powders and blushers and you can get them with mirrors and space for a brush or with a slide-off magnetic lid…so much choice!  The great thing about them is the price includes the empty palette…which is brilliant considering an empty MAC Pro pallete alone costs €16.50!  

Inglot Freedom System Blush Palette, Shades L-R 35, 34, 29 and 58

Shades 34 and 35

Shades 58 and 29


L-R Shade 35, 34, 29, 58

When choosing the blushers I wanted I just chose the ones that I liked the look of the most as I hadn't even planned on getting any at all. I did however make a conscious decision to get two shimmer and two matte shades though.

All four of the blushers are extremely buttery soft, they have to be among the softest ones I have ever used plus the pigmentation of them is absolutely flawless even the lighter shades. I thought I would just say a bit about each shade below...

Shade 35 - A pale pinky champagne colour with silver glitter flecks - I like the colour of this one but find the flecks of glitter to be a little too big and disco ball like although a little tap of the brush knocks most of these off and it leaves a lovely little shimmer behind.

Shade 34 - A pinky peach colour with gold glitter flecks - This colour for me is much more wearable and gives a lovely little flush of colour that has a nice gold sheen when it hits the light. The flecks in this one are much finer than shade 35.

Shade 29 - A matte peach - I love this one! It's my favourite out of all the four and looks great whether I have been hitting the fake tan or being all pale and interesting. The pigmentation of this is amazing, you just need to dab or lightly sweep your brush over it and that is more than enough.

Shade 58 - A matte berry - I have wanted a berry shade for a while and this is my first one. I really like it although I haven't had much wear out of it yet, I am sure I will. The pigmentation of this one is exactly the same as shade 29 with just the lightest touch being needed to apply it.

Overall I am really impressed with these and I am already planning on getting another palette or two but for now I really want to get some of their eyeshadows so if you have used them before please leave me your recommendations below.

Do you use Inglot products? What are your favourites?

Belle xXx
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