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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Maybelline 24Hr Colour Tattoo Creams

I got 3 shades in the recently launched Maybelline 24hr Tattoo Creams, the shades I got are: Immortal Charcoal, On and On Bronze and Endless Purple.

These are really soft, creamy and easy to apply. They're very similar I think to the MAC Paint Pots, in the same little glass pot with screw lid and product inside. It means you really have to use your fingers, but you can use a brush too if you desire. I find I use my fingers to spread it across the whole lid, but I did use Immortal Charcoal as a gel eyeliner and it was perfect - but do definitely set it with some powder eyeshadow otherwise it's quite slippery.

 Why the name, 24 hour tattoo? Well, a tattoo insinuates something hard to budge. These eyeshadows definitely fill that description! They're so long lasting, and work absolutely brilliantly as a base. I had absolutely no creasing at all when wearing them all day long, and they kept my powder eyeshadows really pigmented and long lasting. But how do they work wearing them all day long on their own? I found very, very minimal creasing but not enough to notice - oh my god! I was so impressed with these and I absolutely adore them to pieces.

As you can see in the swatches, the bronze and grey are intense pigment (that is just one swipe) but the purple isn't as pigmented as the others. It's a shame, because the purple is gorgeous in the pot, but if you use this one as a base it's fine to build up with purple powder eyeshadow on top.

I really recommend these eyeshadows, perhaps if you've never tried a cream eyeshadow before because they're not readily available or like me you're after a long-wearing durable cream base for cheap money. They're completely and utterly worth the price and honestly? I think they might be Maybelline's best product yet. I just really hope they keep expanding the range, i'd like to see some softer shades in there as that's what I normally reach for!

Belle xXx
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