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Monday, 30 July 2012

Catrice Goodies - Lipsticks - Review and Swatches

As a lot of you know by now, Catrice is one of my favourite budget beauty brands out there. I love the fact they they're so readily available in just about every pharmacy / Dunnes and Penneys in the country now and the fact that they're cheap as chips! Cheap and good quality don't always go hand in hand, but this is fortunately the case for Catrice.

Their nail polishes are better than some far other pricier options out there and the pigmentation in their lipsticks are awesome! They are constantly updating their stands, bringing out new collections, limited edition releases etc.. so it's always a treat to see what's on the shelves the next time you're in store.

Today I picked up a few pieces and thought I would share them with you all. First up are 3 lipsticks I purchased.

  1. C01 in Colour Bomb from the Revoltaire Collection. 
  2. 160 in Pink Panther
  3. 100 in Lobster Love

From Left to Right: Colour Bomb, Lobster Love, Pink Panther

Colour Bomb: 
"Velvet Matt Lip Colour" - This lipstick is from the beautifully presented Revoltaire collection. As the name suggests it's a real in your face, loud neon colour, which has a beautiful, long lasting matte finish. This shade is a gorgeous pink coral shade - so nice in fact that I picked up two of these babies so I have one as a backup.

Lobster Love:
This lipstick is from the regular line and unfortunately it's about to be discontinued, so if you find one, snap it up quick! This is from the Ultimate Colour series and is No. 100. Lobster Love (love the name! ROCK LOBSTER! hehe) is a summer orangey/red with coral hues. This will be really nice for summer and will look great if you have a tan. 

This also happens to be a fabulous dupe for MAC's Toxic Tale lipstick from the Disney Collection, so if you missed out on Toxic Tale grab a Lobster Love whilst you still can! ;)

Left: MAC Toxic Tale, Right: Catrice Lobster Love

Pink Panther:

Pink Panker from the Ultimate Shine range in No.160 is a yummy Barbie pink shade with micro silver irredescent sparkle. It's a lovely glossy shade that can be layered to give a more opaque look if required. It's a nice creamy, moisturising formula with good lasting power.

What do you think of Catrice cosmetics? Got any fav Catrice products you'd like to share?

Belle xXx

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