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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Essence Cherry Blossom - Cherry Picks

Konnichiwa! :D

I absolutely adore Cherry Blossoms - first of all they're my favourite tree and I love scents such L'occitane Cherry Blossom perfume, and I LOVE Cherry Blossom nail art, so I was really excited to find out that Essence are launching a Cherry Blossom collection in September.

The new collection will feature a new two-toned Cherry Blossom Blush:

"Rosy cheeks! The multi-color blush creates a fresh and rosy complexion and the cool embossed cherry blossom design is absolutely eye-catching, too! Ready for hanami? Available in 01 asian sensation." - €3.79

My Cherry Pick of the bunch are the Paper Lashes - I love lashes, and I've been lusting after Paper Lashes for sometime now, the intricate designs are fabulous, however they can be very expensive - so when I saw that Essence are releasing some, I instantly knew that I'll stocking up on these babies!

Artistically designed paper lashes – the absolute highlight of this trend edition! And here’s how they work: simply apply the included glue to the lash band, position on the back third of your eye and press lightly to make your eyes shine in the hippest Asia style! Available in 01 hidden in sakura garden. - €2.89

There's also going to be a new highlighter pen in the collection - this is something i'll most definitely be picking up too when it hits stores in September.

Eye-catcher deluxe! The fine, softly-shimmering texture in a light rosé gives the area around your eyes the natural radiance of an Asian beauty. The highlighter pen comes with a twist mechanism and stands out for its easy application with the integrated brush. Available in 
01 konnichiwa girls! €3.09

Not just for Geishas! The subtly fragrant body powder with a decorative powder puff offers your face, neck and décolleté a fine shimmer for a radiant look. The pleasant flowery fragrance pampers your senses and whisks you away to the country of the rising sun. Available in 01 hello glitty. €4.09

I'm really excited for this collection to launch, does anything here take your fancy also? Will you be checking out the Cherry Blossom collection once it's out?

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