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Friday, 31 August 2012

Eye Masquerade Transfers

Doesn't Holly look sensational in this black lace eye masquerade?

Which brings me to todays topic - Eye Masquerade transfers!

I got these eye masquerades from Sensationelle - you can find there here

These eye masquerades are temporary tattoo/transfers you apply to the outer parts of your eyes to create a fun or dramatic masquerade look.

They come in a range of designs and colours - my personal favourite being the dramatic, black lace design.

Each masquerade can only be used once - so they make for a fun and easy way to create avant garde and fantasy looks.

They're really easy to apply - you simple align the transfer around your eye, once you're happy with the placement, dampen the back of the transfer with a wet sponge / cotton wool, make sure it's properly stuck and well moistened, then simply peel off the backing and voila! Your eye masquerade should be well adhered to your eye and you're now ready to party!

If there are any gaps where the transfer doesn't quite fit the shape and size of your eyes, you can simply use a black eyeliner or eyeshadows in complementary colours to fill in any gaps.

It's best to remove the transfers with an oil based eye makeover remover. Duo-phase eye makeup removers also work great - I'm using the No.7 one at the minute and found that it removed the transfers with ease.

You can get these eye masquerades from here

What do you think of these? Could you see yourself trying some for an upcoming party or fancy dress? 

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