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Friday, 24 August 2012

How To Spot FAKE Skin79 BB Creams

Hi Guys,

Today I'm going to show you how to identify fake Skin79 BB Creams.

Unfortunately, due to the growing popularity of Skin79 the counterfeiters have been quick to cash in on the BB Cream phenomena, and as a result there is now a glut of fake Skin79 BB Creams on the market.

Spending your money on counterfeit products is well, money down the drain. You may think you're saving money by getting something that *looks* like the real thing, however the product inside will bear no resemble to the genuine product. I get mine from here

Best case scenario; you'll end up with a cheap, inferior product masquerading as a Skin79 BB Cream - expect a poor formula, different colours, very fragranced products made with cheap synthetic ingredients.

Worst case scenario; you'll receive a product made with potentially harmful chemicals which could cause skin irritations and allergic reactions. There's no governing body to oversee the manufacturing of counterfeit items - they are made illegally, so they can put just about whatever they like into their products. The ingredients you will see listed on the packaging are most likely NOT what are contained within the product.

Personally, I would never use any skincare / cosmetic item which I suspected of being fake. I value my skin and my health too much to take any chances, plus why line the pockets of the counterfeiters who are stealing custom from the genuine manufacturers?

Fortunately, Skin79 have introduced some new security features into the packaging of their products to help you identify the genuine product from a replica. These security features also make it harder for the imitators to copy.

Please buy your Skin79 products from a trusted and reputable seller. I know a lot of people get their Skin79 products from eBay, however personally, I would prefer not to take the chance and would always buy from a well established seller.

I got all of my Skin79 products from as I know they only sell genuine and authentic products.

You can use code "TYSBELLA" to get 10% off your order there too which is a nice bonus! :)

You can view the full range of BB Creams here

Have you ever unwittingly purchased a fake product?

Got any trusted Skin79 sellers you'd like to recommend?

If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below :)

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