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Monday, 27 August 2012

Perfect Cat-Eye Flicks The Easy Way!

Hi Guys!

Without a doubt, my favourite look is cat eye eyeliner flicks. Some eyeliner and lippy and I'm ready for anything! A cat eye flick at the corner of your eyes really opens them up and draws attention to your eyes. As far as I'm concerned, good eyeliner is the ultimate beauty accessory - you can dress them up or dress them down for a more casual, wearable, everyday look.

I often get asked for tips on how to do the "perfect" eyeliner flick - and all I can say, is practice makes perfect! A nice steady line which graduates outwards can be hard to achieve for a number of reasons though, you may not have the proper tools at hand (I recommend a stiff angled liner if you're starting out) you may have a shaky hand, or you may be long-sighted and find it difficult peering into a mirror with your glasses on trying to get a good, neat line.

Whatever the reasons, make no doubt about it, eyeliner CAN be tricky. Once you've mastered the technique that works for you however, the results speak for themselves.

Today I'm going to be introducing some super handy beauty cheats to give you that cat eye look with next to no effort required!

Flick Tips:

Flick Tips come in two sets - the Classic Set which has your more traditional and straight forward sharp creases and lines, and then there's the Party Set, which as the name suggests contains an array of more dramatic and extravagant eyeliner looks.

"Flick Tips are self adhesive alternatives to freehand eyeliner designs.Just Pick Stick and Go" 
Each set contains 5 pairs of "flicks" to finish off your eyeliner look with. 
You simply apply your eyeliner to your upper lid as you normally would, then you simply choose which flick you would like - select it from the packet, pick it up with a pair of tweezers and because the designs already have adhesive at the pack, you simply place it into position and stick it on! Genius!
You can also re-use your Flick Tips - when finished wearing them, simply take them off gently and carefully place them back onto the backing sheet, which is supplied, for re-use. If you find the adhesive is losing it's tackiness over time, simply dab some eyelash glue (I love DUO adhesive) onto the back, and you're ready to go again!
Each pack costs £8.99 or you can get both for £15 from
If you struggle to get a nice smooth, straight, crisp line on your upper lid then I have something else which will make eyeliner a piece of cake!
The Flick - Professional Eyeliner Stencil:
The Flick consists of 2 sturdy plastic stencils which you place over your eye to guide you where to place your eyeliner, to give you a perfect finish each time!

You can place the stencil over your eye for a thin, natural look by placing it near the lash line, or if you prefer a more dramatic look, simply re-position the stencil higher on the eyelid to give you a thicker line and a more dramatic sweet of eyeliner.

The beauty about this product is you don't have to be neat when applying your eyeliner, so those with shaky hands needn't worry - any excess eyeliner is simply brushed onto the stencil - when you remove it, you're left with a lovely, clean, sharp line.

The stencil can be a bit tricky to hold dead straight on your eye without leaving any gaps - however once you get the hang of it, it's very simple to use and you're practically guaranteed great results each time. Another thing to note, is that you need to be careful when doing each eye to ensure that you're using the stencils at more or less the same angles and thickness so you get an even look on each eye. There's nothing worse than lopsided eyeliner!

I was dying to try out this stencil to see how it compared to my own free-hand eye lining techniques, so of course, in the purposes of  this review, I just had to try it out for myself as soon as it arrived!

Here's how it turned out:

(Please excuse the unruly brows - I'm currently growing them out before I have my next HD Brows treatment done next week)

I was really pleased with how it turned out! It gave a nice smooth, straight line with an elongated flick. You can adjust the stencil to your own preferences however if you want a thinner line / shorter flick etc...

For those of you who have mastered the art of "The Flick" already, this product probably isn't for you. However if you're just starting out in experimenting with eyeliner or aren't too confident in your eyeliner skills just yet, I think that this would be a great companion piece to use whilst doing your makeup, to ensure you get nice straight lines each and every time.

It's very simple to use and the stencils are re-usable so you should get a LOT of uses out of them, provided you look after them. If they get dirty with built up eyeliner and makeup, no problem, just give them a quick wash in some warm, soapy water and they're as good as new again!

Are you a fan of cat eye eyeliner looks? Got any favourite products you like to use to help you achieve perfect flicks?

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