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Monday, 24 September 2012

ARTDECO Dita Von Teese Fall Favourites 2012

Hi Guys & Dolls!

As a lot of you may know by now, I'm a HUGE fan of Dita Von Teese - she's the epitome of sophisticated style and old Hollywood Glamour, so what better choice than for ARTDECO to choose Miss Von Teese as the face of ARTDECO's latest offerings.

ARTDECO recently launched a new range entitled "Dita Von Teese Classics" which was a great success upon it's release in Ireland. As you can imagine the range featured all you needed for that Dita Von Teese look - think full on fluttery lashes, glossy dark liquid liner and mascara and of course, her signature red lipsticks.

You can read more about the Dita Von Teese Classics range here;

Dita Von Teese now presents her Fall Favouries Collection, featuring her ultimate shades for Autumn. The Fall Favourites Collection is an ideal compliment to her first collection. It includes beautiful jewel toned shades of eyeshadow with an intensive colour brilliance, new shades of red lipstick and lip lacquer to capture the season, a luxurious illuminating baked powder with marbled powder texture and some more beauty necessities!

I've been trying out a few pieces from the new and eagerly awaited Fall Favourites Collection which hits stores in October and I am in LOVE! 

First up is a brand new blush in No. 26 "Orchide" which comes in a refill which you can pop into one of your existing ARTDECO Palettes / Beauty Boxes. 

Blusher in Orchide is just €10.85 

The back is magnetic so you can pop it into your palette and be at ease knowing that this baby isn't budging and not gonna go anywhere!

Orchide is a beautiful dusky pink shade with soft lilac undertones and a hint of gold. I would go as far to say as this would be a universal blush for nearly all skintones. It's highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. It's has a rich, almost creamy consistency - you can feel the quality in the product right away - it's definitely NOT a talcy, chalky powder which goes on wishy-washy - a pet hate of mine!

As you can see from the swatches above, it gives a lovely, delicate "flushed" look to your skin. Again, a little goes a long way, so you can build up the colour if you want to create a more intense look.

Next up is of course, the signature red lipstick as is synonymous of Dita Von Teese.

This lipstick is in shade No. 631 - Manslayer and is priced at €19.25

I love the name "Manslayer" for this lipstick - honestly, I would buy the lipstick for the name alone!
As the name suggests, it's a gorgeous, deep, rich true red - giving you luscious scarlet lips which will leave men quivering in your presence! ;)

As you can see from the swatches below, Manslayer is a true red with hints of a blue undertone. Blue-based Reds are a personal favourite of mine - not alone do they look great on cool-skinned gals and those with an ivory complexion but they also have the added bonus of making your teeth appear whiter!

Manslayer is highly pigmented - the above swatch is after just one stroke from the tube! It's a very rich and creamy consistency which leaves your lips moisturised and doesn't dry them out.

Longevity is excellent with this lipstick, I've been easily getting 6+ hours of wear on one application alone. If you're looking for a classic red to complete your pin up look, then Manslayer just may well be the perfect lippie for you!

Included with Dita's Fall Favourites are 3 foundations including a new shade in No. 40.

They're a long-lasting foundation in an oil-free formula (perfect for those with combination or oily skin types) with an SPF of 20.

The three shades come in: No. 10, No. 25 and the newest No. 40.

The foundations are well priced at €25.40

I received a sample size in shade No. 40 to try out;


Unfortunately the sample I received in No. 40 is too dark for my casper-alike hue, so I won't be doing any full faced swatches with this, I have however been trialling this out at home and the coverage is excellent.

It provides a matte finish to give you that flawless faced look which is a signature of Dita's. As it comes in an oil-free formula, this will work great with anyone who has combination or oily skin types. It really is a long-lasting foundation - you can expect to get a full 10 hours of flawless wear with this baby - and you don't need to set it with powder either to get a long-lasting finish.

This is quite a yellow-based foundation, so this should work well for people with pink undertones / high redness in their face. Yellow counteracts redness to create a neutral base to help give you that porcelain skin effect.


Foundation in Shade No. 40, Lipstick in 631 - Manslayer, Blush in Orchide.

There are also 3 Nail Lacquers included in this collection - 2 glossy reds and one mini white.
The perfect combo to get Dita's signature half moon manicure.

The Nail Lacquers included are:

No. 24 in De Sade - 6ml - €11.05
No. 26 in Vanitas - 6ml - €11.05
No. 5 in Paper Moon - 6ml - €6.45

De Sade

De Sade is a vibrant, glossy, glamourous red. The formula has a nice rich consistency - I found you can get opaque coverage in just one coat! I've been wearing this for 5 days now, and no chipping so far!

Next is the mini-bottle in Paper Moon - perfect for trying out your half moon manicures with! This will also make a great polish for your french manicures.

Paper Moon is an alpine white shade, when used in conjunction with De Sade it really makes your nails pop!

Last but most certainly not least is a clear Eyebrow Gel in Crystal.

When you've completed your Dita look you need to make sure that your brows are properly groomed for that manicured finish. Keep your brows in place and keep any straggly hairs at bay with this Eyebrow Gel in Crystal - priced at €14.05

The wand features full, dense bristles which makes taming your brows into place a piece of cake.

Crystal is a clear gel which means it can be used universally on any brow colours. It sets your eyebrows for the day ensuring that they look well groomed all day long.

A lot of people neglect their brows when doing their makeup, which is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Your brows afterall, frame your face and complete your look. Popping on a touch of this brow gel keeps your brows in tip top shape all day long and is well worth having in your stash.

Overall, I'm loving the Dita Von Teese Fall Favourites collection in collaboration with ARTDECO. All of the pieces from the collection are well priced and are of fantastic quality - they really do rival any of the higher end brands out there, for a fraction of the price.

Created in 1985, ARTDECO is Germany's No. 1 makeup brand in perfumeries, beauty salons, and selected department stores, and is also present in Europe and all over the world. This market leader in selective cosmetic market offers a unique variety of products which cover all areas of color cosmetics.

Henlmut Baurecht is the Founder and Owner of the ARTDECO Cosmetic Group. He has been awarded the "A Life of Beauty" award in 2007 for his achievements in the professional cosmetics industry.

One of my personal highlights from the new collection when it's launched, I'm certain is to be the Illuminating Baked Powder in Aura priced at €42.30.

I haven't had the chance to try this out yet, but I'm really looking forward to it!

It instantly reminded me of MAC's limited edition Lightscapade MSF - which sold out almost as soon as it was released and can now be found on eBay for eye watering prices of €200+

If you missed out on Lightscapade when it was released - make sure you don't miss out on Aura by ARTDECO - it looks like it could be a fantastic dupe! I'm so excited by this product and cannot wait to get my hands on one! :D

You can get your hands on any of the items above and indeed the entire Dita Von Teese Classics and Fall Favourites collections by ARTDECO in Debenhams throughout the country.

Have you checked out any of the Dita Von Teese Classics Collection yet? Spy any items you think you'd like to try once the Fall Favourites is released? If so, let me know in the comments below! :)

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