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Monday, 24 September 2012

Blank Canvas Cosmetics - E26 & E30 Brushes

Hi Guys!

I'm a total hoarder when it comes to Makeup Brushes - I think I seriously have an addiction at this stage! Nothing makes me happier than coming across a new must-have / holy grail brush which I can add to my kit.

When it comes to makeup application, it really is true that you can do a lot more with cheap cosmetics and good quality brushes as opposed to expensive makeup applied with cheap brushes.

Good quality brushes should be the backbone of your makeup kit. I'm not saying you need to go out and spend €'s on some fancy, designer Brush kit, because of course, you don't, but you really should have a few key brushes in your stash however, if you want to play and experiment with more dramatic makeup looks, or even just to perfect your natural, every day look. Proper tools will help ensure you achieve a flawless finish each and every time.

I recently came across an exciting new brand called Blank Canvas Cosmetics, which offers a good selection of individual brushes and brush kits at very affordable prices. 

Today I'm doing a mini-post to show you 2 brushes which everyone really should have in their makeup bags. These are my makeup brush "must haves"

The first up is the E26.

The E26 is a flat shader brush made from soft, natural hairs. Natural hairs are best used with powders, so this is a great brush for packing on eyeshadow - by patting on eyeshadow you'll suffer from less fall out and you'll get a more intense wash of colour on the lid.

The E26 has the classic styling of a black, glossy handle with a shiny, silver metal ferrule which firmly holds the brush fibres securely in place.

This can also be used with cream eyeshadows and gel liners if you're creating a soft, smokey eyes look.  Its fluffy rounded tip is perfect placement of product and for shading and contouring around the eye area. The design also means that it picks up product very easily on its bristles.

You can pick up this brush for just €6.50.

Next up is the E30.

The E30 is a dual ended brush featuring both a spoolie and an angled liner / brow brush.

This brush features synthetic hairs, which makes it perfect for use with cream products such as gel liners, mascara, brow gels etc...

The E30 differs from the E26 in that it features an all black handle and black ferrules. The purple synthetic hairs add a gorgeous pop of colour - as lets face it, makeup brushes can sometimes be on this boring side - not this baby however!

The angled tip of this brush means it's ideal for use as an angled eyeliner brush (angled liner brushes are a personal favourite of mine) it is also great used as a brow brush when you want to fill in your brows with a brow cake. The angled head makes lining your lids and shaping your brows super simple and easy to do.

The spoolie at the other end of the brush can be used to brush and groom your brows into place before setting with a brow gel.

Spoolies are also great for applying mascara on yourself or others, as you can sanitise and disinfect them afterwards to ensure that you don't have an icky mascara wand sitting in your favourite tube of mascara - which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and can lead to nasty eye infections such as conjuctivitis e.g pink eye, yuck!

The E30 dual ended brush is also available for just €6.50.

You can find both of these brushes from Blank Canvas Cosmetics -

They deliver worldwide and have very reasonable shipping rates.

Have you tried any Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes before? Got any favs you'd like to mention? If so, let me know in the comments below! :)

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