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Sunday, 2 September 2012

We Are Faux Lashes

Hi Guys & Dolls!

I hope you've all been having a lovely weekend! I've spent most of the weekend doing a bit of a spring clean of sorts, re-organising and de-cluttering (I can't stand clutter! It's my arch nemesis, it's up there with tangled wires as pet-hates of mine!) Whilst going through my kit I was sorting through my assortment of lashes and I wanted to show you some new additions to my kit from WE ARE FAUX.

Ladytron are one of my favourite bands ever so of course I was drawn to WE ARE FAUX when I learned that the Good Girl and Painted Lady lashes were created especially for Helen and Mira as part of the Ladytron for WE ARE FAUX lashes collection.

In fact, the creator and brainchild behind WE ARE FAUX - Internationally acclaimed, professional makeup artist Ana Cruzalgui who is a recognised name in the music, beauty and fashion industry, has named all of her lashes after people she works with in the music and fashion industry and says that "it's quite fun to see them fit their personalities."

And now, onto the pretties, the exquisite, handcrafted lashes themselves!

Beautifully wrapped package:

3 Sets of Lashes in "Shantha", "Rosebud" and "Sasco" 

The lashes also came with a gorgeous velvet pouch in which to keep your lashes safe in. I really loved this touch, it just added to the whole luxuriousness feel of the lashes!

Shantha - £10

The lashes come packaged in a simple and understated white cardboard box with clean and crisp lines. Shantha are a lovely, very full pair of lashes, great for when you want to draw attention to your eyes, these would go great with a smokey eye!

Sasco - £12

Sasco are a lighter pair of lashes, not as dense as Shantha above but they do add great length to your lashes. They are very natural on and are adorned with light catching diamantes that really add a sparkle to your lash line.

Close up of the diamantes to show how they reflect the light and create a rainbow effect.

Rosebud - £12

Last up are my personal favourites - Rosebud - Long dramatic, navy and green lashes decorated with diamante crystals in a gold band setting - It's almost like a piece of jewellery.

Check out the detail on these babies;

These lashes just go on and on...!

WE ARE FAUX lashes are handmade from high quality synthetic fibers, with a naturally shaped band for easy application that will give your eyes a striking effect.

You can also re-use your lashes by placing them back into their original packaging after use to ensure they keep their natural shape.

You can buy WE ARE FAUX online from:

I'm really loving my WE ARE FAUX lashes are they're different and unique. I also like the fact that each set of lashes is handcrafted, so you know you're getting a quality product and not some mass produced, synthetic lashes. With proper care, you should get many uses out of your lashes, so they're a worthwhile investment.

WE ARE FAUX will also be offering a 30% discount on all of their lashes to Professional MUA's - keep an eye out for more details on this to come soon!

I've been so impressed by my WE ARE FAUX lashes that I'm now dying to try out the Good Girl, Painted Lady and Silver Spell lashes also. They look amazing!

Have you got any favourites from the collection? Will you be trying out WE ARE FAUX anytime soon?

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