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Saturday, 17 November 2012

ARTDECO - Dita Von Teese Golden Vintage Collection

Although I'm very excited to be posting about the latest and dare I say, greatest, collection from Dita Von Teese by ARTDECO, I'm also a little sad as unfortunately this is, as far as I'm aware, the last Dita Von Teese collection in collaboration with ARTDECO and it also happens to be the very last release from ARTDECO for 2012. On a happier note however, I think that in this instance they have definitely saved the best for last and the Golden Vintage Collection is truly stunning.

The Golden Vintage is the third and final installment of Dita Von Teese collection and it's an absolute cracker!

You can read about some previous ARTDECO Dita Von Teese collections I wrote about here and here.

The 'Golden Vintage' Collection is inspired by the Golden Age of 1940's Hollywood. The 'Golden Vintage' Collection represents feminine elegance and luxury all displayed in timeless chic gold packaging. This Collection is limited edition and the last collaboration available from Dita Von Teese.

The Dita Von Teese 'Golden Vintage' Collection will be available in select Debenhams stores and select salons nationwide from December 2012. So not long to wait now til these beauties hit the shelves. I can see these making ideal stocking fillers or they would make an amazing gift if you were to buy a set to make up a beauty look for one of your makeup junkie friends!

The first thing that caught my eye with this collection is the packaging. Luxurious, elegant, sleek, expensive, chic. The products feature very expensive looking and feeling gold packaging which is etched with Dita Von Teese's initials along with feather filigree - very reminiscent of burlesque - think feather boas and martini glass routines. ;)

Golden Vintage Lip Lacquers 

No.28 Chinois 

No.70 Joliesse


19.95 Euro

Golden Vintage Lash Designer

A Beautiful mascara to add depth and drama 

No.1 Raven

RRP 19.25 Euro

DVT Beauty Marks

Various sizes and are fully adhesive

RRP 5.15 Euro

Luscious Lashes

Crystal lined full lash set  No.43

Crystal lined half lash set No 48

Full lash set without crystals No.26

RRP 18.45 Euro

Golden Vintage Lipsticks 

Available in three shades

No.15 Muse red 

No.28 Maitresse 

No.36 Valentina 

RRP 19.95 Euro

Mini Nail Lacquers 

No.10 Gilded Moon -  a gorgeous metallic gold 

No.12 Diamond Moon -  a chrome molten silver

RRP 6.45 Euro

Full Size Nail Lacquers

No.156 Narcisse Noir - a rich berry colour 

No.169 Sleight of Hand - a timeless rouge

RRP 11.05 Euro

Golden Vintage Eyelights

Three sparkling and glimmering shades in muted mink, pink and taupe.

Ménage à Trois

Golden Vintage Blusher


A two-tone blush in delicate shades of pink



I was lucky enough to receive some select items from the collection ahead of it's launch to try out and share with you. I almost squealed with delight when I saw the package, it REALLY made my day! :D

First up is the Lipstick in No. 15 - Muse Red

The packaging on this is simply divine - chic, elegant and timeless. This is one lipstick you won't be ashamed of taking out of your handbag to reapply your lipstick with during the day.

As with the rest of this collection, it features the sumptuous gold packaging and is etched with Dita's initials along with the feather filigree.

Another nice feature is the ARTDECO stamped on the base of the lipstick itself.

The lipstick applies like a dream - super pigmented, rich and creamy, it glides on and you can get opaque coverage in just one swatch.

Muse Red is a classic red shade. It's not a blue based red, in fact I would almost say there's a hint or coral red in there, it's an extremely flattering and universal red shade however and should suit just about most skintones.

Please excuse the cheesy grin!
In the below swatch I had been trialing out the lipstick for 6 hours - and it's still holding up pretty great! No noticeable fading or bleeding 6 hours later... it's long lasting without being drying.

Next up are a set of 3/4 length lashes adorned with beautiful diamantes.

This set is No. 43

The set also includes some eyelash adhesive.

I'm a huge fan of false lashes and these are just stunning! They're densely packed and feature a very flattering criss-cross design and alternate with longer, fuller lashes in between. The diamantes are gorgeous and I can't wait to try these out - I can definitely see these getting a lot of use for the Christmas party season and New Year!

And last, but most certainly not least...

Included in the collection is a trio of eyeshadows - very aptly named Ménage à trois ;)

Again, the packaging of this product is simply lush - elegant, reflective gold, it feels sturdy and has real substance to it.

As you can see it also features a really good quality and decent mirror - handy for those touch ups on the go.

The shadows - I fell in love with them the moment I saw them. So sparkly, they feature finely milled micro-particles of silver and gold which really catch the light and add another dimension.

The three colours are a lovely, light mink shade which would be beautiful as a highlight, a dusky rose colour with silver flecks and a cool taupe with gold shimmer.

They're muted colours which complement each other nicely. I'm really looking forward to trying these out and doing a Dita inspired look with them.

I just love the embossing on the shadows itself, again with Dita's initials and that beautiful feather filigree makes an appearance again which matches the etching on the lid.


It was very hard to capture the intense shine and sparkle on camera, but the above swatch should give you an idea of the luminosity these shadows produce.

Here the shadows are blended out, so you can see that they are quite understated and elegant whilst still giving a lovely hint of subtle sparkle.

I'm absolutely thrilled to bits with this collection and I can't wait for the official release so I can pick up a few more bits and pieces - seeing as it's Limited Edition, once they're gone, they're gone. :(

I'm going to attempt to do a Dita inspired look tomorrow using all of the products featured which I'll be posting tomorrow, so until then, take care!

If you have any comments about the collection I'd love to hear them!

Are you as excited about this collection as I am? I can definitely see this being a winning collection for Christmas seeing as the MAC Christmas collection has left me positively underwhelmed.

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