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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Inglot Bloggers Night and Christmas Launch

Hello my lovelies!

My gosh, the time is going to fast and we're already headed into winter now, cue my favourite time of year - Christmas! :D

Inglot whom some of you will know is one of my absolute favouritist brands around (I'm currently replacing all of my pro kit with all Inglot goodies) recently held their very first ever bloggers night in order to launch their new range of Christmas 2012 offerings.

There were 3 Blogger events around the country in Inglot Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Inglot Belfast and in Inglot Limerick - Crescent Shopping Centre.

I was invited to the launch at the Limerick branch and jumped at the chance as I love Inglot so it was a great excuse to attend and stock up on some goodies whilst I was there.

Inglot store in the Crescent Shopping Centre

The night was hosted by the lovely Stacey, Avril and Celene all Makeup Artists at the store and they did not disappoint!

We were left to browse the new ranges on offer along with ooohing and aaahing over some of the old reliables in the store. Inglot stores are like being in a candy shop with rows upon rows of beautiful rainbow shades of their amazing array of eyeshadows, pigments, lipsticks, glosses, nail polishes and more - I really was like a small child in a sweet shop. I may even have let out an over-excitable squeak of delight or two.

Customizable Freedom System

AMC Pure Pigments

Rainbow Square Pans

Body Pigment Powders

Freedom System


Blush Pans


We were then shown the highlight of the evening - the brand new Christmas 2012 collection and let me tell you, there are some absolute winners there! I'll definitely be asking Santa for some of these... ;)

New metallic nail polishes

There's 5 new metallic shades which almost have a chrome / mirrorball type quality to them and they're priced at just €10 each.

They come in shades: 221, 222, 223, 224 and 225

I was lucky enough to receive shade 222 on the night - a gorgeous molten silver colour.

Application is a dream with this nail polish - one coverage is *almost* enough for opaque coverage, however for these photos I decided to go with two coats so you can see it in its full on gorgeousness! :)

I couldn't get over how fast drying this was aswell, I was just about to go reach for my Seche Vite or Essence Quick Dry Drops, however the polish had already set before I got the chance to grab them before taking photos. I was very impressed with the super fast drying time - it's not even marketed as a fast drying polish either!

I'm looking forward to picking up one of the gold shades coming up to Christmas.

14 Piece Brush Set - Christmas 2012 - Limited Edition

Next up is a brand new brush kit. Now, I have a far too unhealthy relationship with brushes, I have far too many than I actually need, but I'm a total sucker for nice brushes so I was really excited to see this new brush kit complete with holder.

I love the embossed zip up pouch.

The Limited Edition Brush Set retails at €150 for fourteen brushes and a rather nice faux leather carry case.  The brushes themselves are all LE and not part of their permanent line, and are a mix of synthetic and natural fibres.

The face brushes that are included are:
  • Medium sized powder brush (natural fibres)
  • Medium sized angled contour/blush brush (natural fibres)
  • Flat dense buffer brush (natural fibres)
  • Small-to-medium sized flat concealer brush (synthetic fibres)
  • Medium sized flat foundation brush (synthetic fibres)

The eye brushes are:
  • Dense blending brush (natural fibres)
  • Medium flat eye brush (natural fibres)
  • Small  blending brush (synthetic fibres)
  • Angled Eyeliner (synthetic fibres)
  • A small fan brush (synthetic fibres)
  • A dense angled brow brush (natural fibres)
  • A dense crease brush (natural fibres)
  • A small detailer brush (natural fibres)

And for the lips:
  • Lip brush (synthetic fibres)

At €150 for 14 brushes, plus the brush case itself, this just works out at a tenner per item, which I personally think is great value. It may be a little pricey for casual makeup wearers, but if you're really into your makeup and brushes I think it's a great buy. This is another one that will be making it's way onto my Christmas wish list for Santa! :)

Sparkle Rainbow Eyeshadows

The other key launch for the Christmas 2012 were the new Sparkle Rainbow Eyeshadows.

Previously released were the matte rainbow eyeshadows which I really like. Basically, they come in a square pan which you can pop into your freedom system palette, and each pan contains 3 complementary shades from the same colour family. The pans are slightly dearer than the regular square pans at €8 but for the extra money you are getting 3 separate colours, plus you can also make a fourth colour by blending all three shades together.

They have now released 10 new sparkle editions of the rainbow shades.

To get the full set of Sparkle Rainbow Eyeshadows plus the freedom system palette will set you back €88.

The eyeshadows are buttery soft and intensely pigmented, so a little goes a long way with these babies. There's a subtle sparkle from these and no major fall out that I could see - which is my bug bear when it comes to sparkly shadows.

On the night we were also presented with a very generous goodie bag of some of Inglots most popular offerings.

Included was:

Metallic Nail Polish in a molten silver - Shade 222

AMC Eyeshadow in Shade 54

This is a gorgeous coppery brown shade which is bang on trend. It contains very finely milled gold sparkles which give a subtle almost duo-chrome appearance. This eyeshadow like all other Inglot shadows is highly pigmented and buttery soft.

Sleeks VLC Lip Gloss in Shade 77

Coming packaged in a "test tube" style wand, No. 77 is a warm nude shade and will look great with a smokey eyes look. This will be a very wearable, daytime shade also. The gloss is very pigmented - almost like a molten lipstick. Staying power is excellent and it doesn't bleed.

Milk and Tonic Makeup Wipes
Selection of YSM Cream Foundation Samples
Under Makeup Base Samples

and also a complimentary makeup voucher which will get used coming up to Christmas!

There was also a very informative demo on the night performed by Stacey on the lovely Avril. Stacey did two smokey eye looks on Avril using the new Sparkle Rainbow Colours - she did one smokey eye with a silver pan and another one with a gold pan. 

You can tell that Stacey really loves her job, she was so enthusiastic about the products she was using and did a great job on the smokey eyes.

All of the staff were lovely and couldn't have been nicer or more helpful on the night. They are great ambassadors for Inglot in Ireland. You can tell they love the products and are happy to answer any questions you may have along with providing tips and making suggestions and recommendations.

I, of course, did not leave empty handed on the night.
I'll be making a post on my new Inglot purchases over the coming days, so watch this space! ;)

I had a wonderful time at the Limerick branch and I cannot wait to go back to stock up on some Christmas goodies for presents, I may be treating myself to a few things also... Yes, Brush Kit, i'm looking at you!

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