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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Gone but not forgotten

I've had a bit of a love-hate relationship with Beauty Boxes in the past. In the beginning they always start our as a wondrous love affair filled with elements of surprise, an introduction to new brands to love and adore, the thrill in treating yourself to a monthly present filled with luxury beauty goodies... and then the almost inevitable disappointment when you receive skincare products not suitable for your skin type, minuscule samples and sachets you could have picked up for free at your local beauty counter and in some cases, not receiving your monthly pressie at all!

So as you can see, I've had a checkered past with monthly beauty boxes - at times they promise so much and offer so little. One company however which I had a 6 month subscription to and was consistently pleased with the contents of was She Said Beauty.

Now I'm not saying that every single beauty box I received from She Said Beauty was a veritable treasure trove of beauty booty - there were of course odd items here and there I wasn't too keen on, or wondered about their inclusion, but on the whole however I was VERY happy with She Said Beauty. I loved the range off products that came each and every month from hair care to skin care and fragrance, I loved discovering new brands and trying out those I had long forgotten about - yes, Miners, I'm looking at you.

So it is with a heavy heart I am showing you my last ever She Said Beauty box. Not just my last ever SSBB, but THE very last SSBB ever. EVER. :(

Sadly She Said Beauty have decided to discontinue their Beauty Box and they are now concentrating on their website as a portal for beauty addicts around the world.

How i'll miss my monthly teal beauty box loving wrapped in pink paper and ribbons.

And wouldn't you know it, the final SSBB was an absolute winner!


Collection 2000 Primed and Ready - Smoothing Primer - Full Size
Collection 2000 Fix Me Up - Long Lasting Makeup Fixer - Full Size
Redken - Colour Extend Bi-Phase Spray
DHC - Deep Cleansing Oil
Redken - Smooth Lock Shampoo & Conditioner Sachets X2
Murrays Manicure - Candy Striped Nail Files X2
Lehcaresor - Powdered Paper
B-Liv by Cellnique - Off With Those Heads blackheads sebum gel

10 items for for just £9 plus £2.95 delivery (UK and Ireland)

Goodbye my beloved She Said Beauty Box, it was an absolute pleasure.

I see on the SSB site you can actually still purchase the last ever box!

If I were you, I'd nab one before they're all gone.
I should say that contents can vary with SSB boxes, but the December box looks like a good one, so I doubt you'll be disappointed! :)

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