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Monday, 28 January 2013

Pixy's Love Potions

I just came across these lovely hampers available from to celebrate Valentines Day, and well, I just had to share them with you all - you never know you just may have some handsome suitor stalking your browsing history who just may take note and surprise you with a lil something! ;)

  • Pixy Strawberry Shower Mouse in our popular vintage candy jar
  • Pixy Heart Shaped Vetiver soap that will have you all loved up
  • Pixy Rose Hand Balm in a generous heart shaped tin for confident hand holding
  • 4 Pixy Body Scrubber Hearts
  • Pixy Blossom Foot Scrub for playing footsies and tootsies
  • Pixy Scented Heart Soap

    This looks gorgeous! Beautifully gift wrapped and stocked with lots of Pixy goodness! I wouldn't mind being on the receiving end of one of these come February 14th, alas I think I need to find a prince charming before then, so I won't  get my hopes up on this one! ;)


    • Pixy Sensual Bath Oil in our gorgeous heart shaped bottle to help you unwind and relax
    • Pixy Bath Bomb with a sprinkle of magic to get you in the mood
    • 4 Pixy Body Scrubber Hearts to exfoliate your skin
    • Pixy Strawberry Lip Balm to give you a perfect pout
    • Pixy Lemon Cuticle Balm in our cutest heart shaped tin
    • Pixy Scented Heart Soap will having you smelling irresistible

      Pixy Scented Soap Heart

      How cute is this?!

      "I'm Yours" Vetiver scented Pixy soap

      Heart shaped tin with Pixy's Rose Hand Balm

      Blossom Foot Scrub

      Oh and did I mention, Pixy are now offering free delivery on all orders over €10!

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