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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Yon-Ka Hydralia Hydrating Concentrate

With winter in full swing and the icy temperatures outside, no doubt many of you will find that your skin is suffering due to indoor heating, which though keeps us nice and toasty inside, it can also play havoc with your skin, zapping it of all of it's moisture content, acting as an exterior humectant.

Ok, I'll be the first one to say it, I have dry skin. Seriously dry skin. Think sponge. As soon as I slap on some moisturiser or foundation you can almost hear the "squelch" as my skin soaks up all the emollient and moisturising properties out of whatever lotion or potion I'm using so I'm always on the look out for The Next Big Thing when it comes to facial oils and moisturisers, which brings me now to Yon-Ka's Hydrating Concentrate from the Hydralia series.

Yon-Ka recently brought out  new Products inline with the new Yon-Ka packaging, one of which is the. Hydralia  line which falls into the Anti-Aging category of Age Defense. These Age Defense products naturally enable the skin to restore its balance and regain its vital energy and effectively combating age.

Hydralia which replaces all of the Dermols range (1, 2 and 3) is what Yon-Ka calls Customized Hydration. This intensive formula renews the skin's healthy, youthful glow. By adding a few drops of Hydralia Hydrating Concentrate to your daily moisturizer, it will restore suppleness and hydration to your skin's surface. This will also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Or so claims Yon-Ka at least.

I haven't been using the Hydrating Concentrate long enough yet to comment on the reduction of fine lines, but I've certainly noticed a visible improvement in my skins moisture content since using it.

What I really love about this product is that it is designed to be added to your regular moisturiser to give it a hydrating boost. All you need is a few drops (2/3) mixed through your moisturiser - so there's no need to buy a new moisturiser if you're happy with your current one, but feel your skin could do with some more hydration. It works with all brands of moisturisers so you can tailor you skincare regime to include this when you feel your skin could do with an extra boost - no need to have more than the one moisturiser on the go at any one time. 

If you feel that your skin needs intensive treatment, you can even use the concentrate alone - apply 2/3 drops to your face, concentrating on any particularly dry patches, leave it to soak in for a few minutes, then apply your regular moisturiser on top.

The bottle is quite small at 15ml, however given past experiences with facial oils I've found that a little really does go a long way, and given that this is in fact a concentrate, you really only need very small amounts to get the benefit, so I'd guesstimate that this bottle should last me anywhere between 6-12 months with daily use.

Yon-Ka states:

"Hydralia - a few drops of this super hydrating concentrate are enough to eliminate rough spots and the feeling of tautness and to erase fine lines caused by epidermal dehydration. By softening and comforting the skin, it quickly recovers its natural glow.
Hydralia is targeted for all moisture thirsty complexions in need of an intense “boost” of hydration. A few drops added daily to your day cream will provide supreme results. After 2 hours, hydration increases by 33% or more, compared to the application of the cream alone. After 8 hours 26% increase of hydration remained."
95% of the ingredients are natural.  With sources enriched with fruit acids, vitamins B5 and minerals dosed with marine bladderwrack, raspberry, black currant and horse chestnut extracts, brown seaweed, lactic acid and citric acid, vegetable glycerin, sodium PCA and magnesium.

It's also paraben free which gets a big thumbs up in my books.

  • Hydrating – vegetable glycerin, sodium PCA, brown seaweed, lactic acid, citric acid.
  • Soothing – horse chestnut, raspberry, blackcurrant, vitamin B5
  • Revitalizing – magnesium
  • Anti-oxidizing – vitamin C


Prices vary but expect to pay around £42/€50
It's not cheap for 15ml of product, but it is extremely concentrated so a little really does go a long way and you're paying for a high end, salon quality skincare brand.


All in all, i'm really happy with the instant effects I can see in my skins moisture levels which really helps for laying a nice, smooth, hydrated and plump base before applying foundation to give an even finish. My skin is loving it so far and it definitely seems to be helping to counteract the dreaded effects of indoor heating which normally plagues my already dry skin.

I'll definitely be replacing this once it's gone, but I can't see myself using it up for a very long time to come yet as you really only need the tiniest amount.

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