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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Amy Childs Lashes in Temptress No. 2

As a lot of you may have cottoned onto by all the posts I've made in the past regarding false lashes, I do have a bit of a thing for falsies. Short and natural, long and full, wild and dramatic or flirty and demure I love them all, so much so that I see a bit of an obsession forming and this now brings me to Amy Childs (of TOWIE fame, as if you guys didn't know!) Lashes in Temptress No. 2

The lashes come presented in a pretty purple box featuring the lovely visage of Amy Childs herself.

"Temptress - Bold, elegant and deadly. Boost your lashes into the glamour stratosphere with a luscious lift"

Inside the pack you get your lashes neatly sitting on the moulded lash tray, an information leaflet and some adhesive. I always discard the provided glues with lashes however and go straight for my trusty DUO Lash Adhesive which is made with latex and gives your lashes some flexibility.

The lashes themselves are very long and are set on an invisible band - which makes them great for day wear. Whilst the lashes are long and full, they're not densely packed so you'll get a more natural look with these.

The lashes are nicely tapered and graduate in length with the shortest lashes on the inside, with the longer lashes settled on the outer band to help create that fluttering, cat-eye look.

All in all, I think that these are a really nice pair of lashes - I love the invisible band and the graduated effect of the lashes. They feel sturdy and there's good flexibility in the band - there's nothing worse than a very heavy and stiff band which can make the lash application troublesome.

You can get these from

Price: £8

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