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Friday, 1 February 2013

Diary Dolls

Today I'm going to be sharing a new product specially designed for ladies - Diary Dolls.

Diary Dolls are a nifty little product that has been designed for ladies to use during their time of the month.

Carol Smiley, whom we all know and love from TV, is the co founder of this company along with Annabel Croft . When Annabel left home to pursue her tennis career her mother gave her protective pants to help her avoid any accidents when sleeping over at friends houses. They suddenly realised that there's actually nothing like that available in today's market and that is when Diary Doll was born. The product packaging is very girly and feminine.

The product itself arrived promptly and I have to say beautifully presented in a cute little drawstring bag which is almost Victorian in appearance.  The little bag is a very nice touch and makes it handy for bringing with you in case you're caught out at the last minute.

They are designed to be your best friend when your period is due....looking like normal pants they have a secret waterproof layer which helps to minimise those nasty leaks. Designed to be worn with your normal sanitary protection these pants are the perfect pal for travel, sport and anytime you need some added protection.

Overall, I think they're very handy to have and they definitely seem to have a niche in the market.

The website is super girly and easy to navigate - I can see these proving popular with teens.

The packaging is so discreet, that you won't mind throwing a pair into your handbag to have with you in case of emergencies.

The Diary Doll comes in a flattering bikini style - not the Bridget Jones style pants I had visions of before actually receiving them! :)

Diary Dolls currently come in 2 colours - pink or black and are just £9.99

They're available in small (8-10) medium (10-12) Large (12-14) and x large (14-16)

You can find Diary Doll here;

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