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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pedi-Sox - Pamper your feet!

Update: WIN a pair of Pedi-Sox here

One thing I get a bit lackadaisy about during the winter months is neglecting my feet and toenails, if I'm being honest it's just too cold to go around barefoot faffing with nail polish and waiting for it to dry - I'd much rather be tucked up in some comfy socks or slippers lazing by the fire. Then comes along Pedi-Sox to solve my winter woes and freezing toes!

Pedi-Sox have come up with the ingenious idea of socks with holes - ideal for pedicures. Seriously, why has no-one thought of this before? It's such a simple yet ingenious idea, I can't believe that I'm only hearing about these now.

The Pedi-Sox look very much like your regular pair of socks til you realise that the portion covering the toes has been removed - that way you get the benefit of keeping your feet nice and toasty whilst you can still apply nail polish without fear of it smudging - something that I know has happened me countless times. Just how frustrating is it to spend ages properly preening your pedicure only to smudge it and ruin all your hard work in seconds. 

Pedi-Sox come in 5 styles:

The Original Pedi-Sox
 Professional Pedi-Sox
California Weight Pedi-Sox 
SPA Pedi-Sox 
 Ultra Pedi-Sox

The Original

The Original style are a medium weight pair comprised of 70% cotton and 30% acrylic.

See the cute tootsies that come peeking out? I was going to post photos showing the Pedi-Sox in action, however I'm sure photos of my feet is something you guys could all do without! :P

The Professional

The Professional Pedi-Sox are a thicker and slightly heavier pair compared to The Original. They are made of 60% acrylic, 35% nylon and 5% elastic.

California Weight

These are a nice, lightweight (as the name would suggest oddly enough!) pair comprised of 30% acrylic and 70% cotton. I can see myself wearing these more during the summer months.

Spa Deluxe

The Spa Deluxe Pedi-Sox actually remind me of The Original in terms of weight and thickness. They are made with 70% cotton and 30% acrylic. 


I've saved my personal favourites for last - the Ultra in an adorable Mary-Jane style.

The Ultra are extremely fine and lightweight and silky smooth. They are comprised of 95% nylon and 5% lycra.

They kind of remind me of ballet pumps, but they're actually Mary-Janes complete with "strap" - how cute are these! I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them and they didn't disappoint on either.

All of the Pedi-Sox come in a range of colours and styles so there's absolutely loads to choose from!

All Pedi-Sox are a "one size fits all" and they're machine washable which is a huge plus to me!

I tried out the Mary-Jane style Ultras when I first got them. I hadn't given myself a pedicure in ages so I got out my Micro-Pedi (Review here) and then slathered my feet in Avon's Foot Works Lime and Mint Mojito soothing gel before popping on the Ultra Pedi-Sox and oooh.. bliss! My feet needed pampering big time and the Pedi-Sox helped ensure that the foot cream soaked into my poor, tired feet and also kept them nice and toasty whilst I gave them a lick of polish.

You can check out Pedi-Sox here;

Or why not say hello and drop them a line on Facebook or Twitter;

Most styles retail for about $9 and they deliver worldwide
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