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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Washi! Hot Cloths - Treat Your Skin

Konnichiwa everyone and Happy Valentines Day! :)

I hope that you're all having a wonderful day and that you are being spoiled rotten given the day that's in it. If however you find yourself without a better half today - like myself, then fret not as I'm so excited to share a wonderful range of hot cloths to treat your skin - well if you're not being showered with chocolates and roses, I think having a day of pampering at home is the next best thing! ;)

Let me introduce you to Kazumi and her fabulous Washi! Hot Cloths

Now first things first, I couldn't possibly post this review without mentioning the absolutely outstanding customer service provided by Lucris. Before receiving my Washi! Hot Cloths I had been in contact with Louise and from the very outset she was simply a delight! So helpful, eager to answer any questions, friendly, chatty and well, just all round super awesome! I knew this was a great start to things become, and I certainly wasn't disappointed.

It was only when I actually received the goodies below that I found out it was Louise herself who actually founded Washi! Hot Cloths. She had spent some time in the Far East and whilst there discovered that light weight flannels were an integral part of Japanese skincare, so she then set about finding a manufacturer to produce high quality hot cloths like she had seen in Japan and it was then that Washi! Hot Cloths and Kazumi the brands beauty host was born.

The attention to detail is wonderful. Everything came beautifully packaged in light pink wrapping paper and included was a gorgeous thank you card embossed with some cherry blossoms and there were also come super cute stickers of Kazumi. Let me tell you it was a real treat opening up this package! How often do you receive such personal attention?!

Now onto the products themselves.

First up is the Washi! Skin Polishing Kit

This contains 1 Washi! Skin Polishing Towel along with 4 individually wrapped Hot Cloths.

The Skin Polishing Towel is beautifully presented and can I just say that this baby is huge! Far bigger than I anticipated. It's made from 100% cotton and is 50 x 40cm.

The Skin Polishing Towel is extremely soft and has a ribbed textured appearance. It is designed to gently buff your skin whilst also exfoliating and polishing. I was intrigued by this as it promises amazing results on dry and flaky skin (which is exactly what I have unfortunately) from the very first use.

Whilst I have very dry skin, it can also be on the sensitive side, so I tend to avoid harsh products and exfoliators. This was simply perfect! You use this towel dry and use light, circular motions to gently buff your face. And by god, buff it did! Afterwards my skin was left silky smooth and all the dry patches and flakies had been buffed off by this wonder towel! 

I love the fact that this towel can be used on it's own, dry and without the need for any cleansers or exfoliators. There's literally no mess and it's so portable to bring away with you on a weekend or when you're off on holidays.

Also included in the pack were the 4 individually wrapped Washi! Hot Cloths

Whilst the Washi! products are available in an array of packaging options, the signature cherry blossom design is by far my favourite.

The Hot Cloths are are a smaller, lighter and thinner cloth than the Skin Polishing Towel.

In the past I've been a big fan of hot cloth cleansers but not the muslin cloths provided  as I've found them to be flimsy, light, sometimes rough and they fall apart far too easily. I'm pleased to say however that there's no such problems with the Washi! Hot Cloths. They are a little thicker then muslin and are unbelievably soft whilst still having a textured fabric which aides in the cleansing process and to ensure that all traces of makeup are thoroughly removed.

The Hot Cloths are also made from 100% cotton and are 22cm squared.

I've also definitely noticed that the Washi! Hot Cloths really do retain heat much longer than muslin cloths I have used in the past, whereby after wringing them out on hot water they feel stone cold as soon as I apply them to my face. The Washi! Hot Cloths definitely retained the heat, so much so that I could actually feel the benefit of it on my skin such as opening pores.

I also received the Washi! Spirals - "the cotton bud with a difference" - or should that be twist!

The "spirals" have a ribbed texture which means they pick up any makeup debris (think loose powder, eyeshadow fallout etc..) more effectively than traditional cotton buds and make correcting any makeup blunders a cinch! 80 buds come in a pack and they're great value for just .99p!

I'm so pleased with my products from Washi! they're simple yet effective and well, they do what they say on the tin. If you're a fan of hot cloth cleansers, I would definitely recommend in investing in a Washi! as I've found that the muslin cloths supplied can be a real let down and disintegrate after no time at all. The Hot Cloths are well made, soft and do what they're supposed to. I'm completely in love with the Skin Polishing Towel. If you suffer from dry or flaky skin like I do, then this is an absolute godsend. I see that it's also recommended for dull skin to help revitalise it.

The Washi! products can be re-used time and time again due to the fact that they're machine washable (Washi! Spirals being the exception here) and they're eco friendly! You may also find yourself saving money by not having to buy cotton discs anymore. 

Washi! Skin Polishing Kit: £6.95
The Famous Five pack of Hot Cloths: £5.25
Washi! Spirals: £0.99

I think the prices represent fantastic value for money as the cloths can be used again and again and they're made of high quality cotton.

All of the products are available in varied stylized packaging - my personal fav is definitely the cherry blossom design however! :)

I actually dare anyone to try out this brand and not fall in love with them as much as I have! You will not be disappointed, everything from customer service to product and packaging is top notch.


You can say hello to Kazumi and find out more here;

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