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Friday, 1 February 2013

YUKO Hair Straightening

I recently came across YUKO London - which despite the name is actually a Japanese professional hair care company which started out with YUKO Hair Straightening.

YUKO Hair Straightening was created in Japan in 1996 by Yuko Yamashita, a hair stylist and salon owner who wanted to make people's lives easier when it came to hair care.

As a young stylist, Yuko met countless women who were unhappy with their hair. The most common concern was unruly hair that had to be restyled every morning and would get frizzy and uncontrollable at the slightest hint of rain. Yuko wanted her customers to have beautiful, healthy hair without having to spend hours getting it that way, so she approached Phiten: a Japanese sports, health and beauty company. She worked hand in hand with Phiten to create YUKO Hair Straightening, which has now been in business for 16 years.

I've been trying out two products from YUKO for the past week from the Kokoro G range.

"A regular use shampoo that strengthens the hair leaving it soft and smooth, with hydrolysed silk, keratin, sericin and algae."

"A regular use intensive conditioner that detangles, deeply moisturises and leaves the hair soft, smooth and strong, with keratin, sericin, algae, collagen, vitamin E and amino acids."

YUKO has a home care range consisting of sets of products targeting: Frizz, Colour, Dry/Damaged Hair and Dry/Chemically treated hair as well as a few other products such as a shine spray, repair spray, leave in treatments and serum. 

The ingredients listed on the back are in Japanese - the products did come with a label attached showing the ingredients and product info in English, however due to a postal mishap the outer packaging was covered in oil due to another product breaking during transit, so unfortunately those labels were saturated and I had to throw them out, so I can't give any detailed ingredients info at this time - sorry! :(

Kokoro G Shampoo

For dry, sensitized and damaged hair

The shampoo is billed as a super shampoo for dry, sensitive and damaged hair.  It is supposed to be safe on sensitive skin and is also sulphate free which gets a big thumbs up in my book!

  What I can tell you is that this shampoo is extremely mild on my scalp yet has done a far better job of cleansing my hair like no other sulphate free shampoo I have ever used. 

 The shampoo has a very mild and faint Orange Blossom scent. It is clear and lathers very easily with very little product.  I normally wash my hair twice with shampoo before conditioning as I find that some brands don't leave my hair feeling very clean after the first wash.  Not so however with the YUKO Kokoro G Shampoo.  My hair not only felt clean, but it wasn't a dry tangled mess like can sometimes happen after using a super cleansing shampoo which I find can be too harsh and strip your hair of it's natural oils.

 Supplemented with protein, Aqua Gold, keratin, and collagen to moisturize the hair, this shampoo not only left my hair clean but shiny and residue free.  A huge plus in my book.

The Kokoro G Shampoo comes in a generous 300ml size and features a flip top lid.

Pricing is a very reasonable £12.50 for a salon quality brand.

Kokoro G Treatment

Whilst I don't suffer from the dreaded frizz, my hair since it's coloured can become quite dry.  Since I started using the YUKO Kokoro G Treatment my hair has been in great shape - it feels very soft and silky and feels nourished and moisturised.  Whilst I like to use intensely moisturising products on my hair to give it an intensly nourishing boost, I don't often get to treat it with a heavier conditioner because the result is a greasy scalp or really flat and lank hair - yuck!  To truly test this conditioner I applied it from roots to the ends of my hair and let it sit while I washed. Then as usual I let it simply air dry - I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair and don't use hot styling tools too often.

  The result?  Soft shiny bouncy hair that wasn't weighed down at the roots and wasn't straw at the ends!  :D

 I was cautiously optimistic, because the real test would be to see if my hair would go one to two days without turning greasy.  The result?  Success!  No greasy roots and no straw like ends and still soft, shiny hair.  

The Kokoro G Treatment comes in a large, squeezable tube with a flip lid and contains a very creamy consistency conditioner.

It's priced similarly at £12.50 for 240mls.

Overall, I'm absolutely loving these two YUKO products.

They've really given my hair a new lease of life and I personally feel that they are very well priced when you compare them to more expensive high end brands such as Redken and Kerastase. I've found the Kokoro G range to perform as good if not better than more expensive brands and for this reason, I will definitely be replacing these once I run out.

You can find YUKO Hair Care Products at:

A+ from me!

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