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Monday, 11 March 2013

BRTC Overnight Pore Tightener

Hello Beauties! :)

As a lot of you know, I've since been converted to BB Creams in recent months, and in my quest to find more authentic Asian BB Cream brands I recently came across BRTC. 

BRTC is a Korean company which was founded in 2006 and they aim to provide functional aesthetic skincare made with botanical ingredients.

I've been trying out their Overnight Pore Tightener which is billed as a "Pore Tightening System"

What BRTC say:
"With highly concentrated tannins complex, this Shape Memory Gel (SMG) shrinks and tightens enlarged, slackening pores while reducing the appearance of wrinkles ad fine lines for a more refined and smoother look."

The product comes packaged in a jade coloured box - the text on the box is metallic and highly reflective, so please excuse any glare in the photos as I was trying to accurately capture the packaging as best I could.

Wrinkle Improvement
Astringing Pores
Strengthening Elasticity
Balance Control
Intensive Moisturising

Persimmon Leaves Extracts
Vitamin C, Anti-inflammation, anti-aging, skin soothing.

Grapes Extracts
Anti-inflammation, Anti-virus, Anti-oxidation, Anti-aging.

Green Tea Extracts
Anti-inflammation, Skin soothing, Bright care.

Chestnut Skin Extracts
Resilience, Detox, Anti-oxidation, Skin soothing.

Coffee Extracts
Anti-inflammation, Old wastes care.

Superior anti-oxidization effect than Vitamin.

Carthamus Tinctorius L. Extracts
Helps smooth flow, Anti-aging, Astriction

Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extracts
Anti-oxidization, Anti-inflammation, Anti-virus.

The Overnight Pore Tightener also contains Lavender Water which soothes and calms the skin and it is also comprised of bitter tannins extracted from 8 different plants.

Inside the product comes in a white plastic jar with a baby blue lid.

You get a generous 50mls of product inside.

Included is a lid insert and a handy leaflet containing more information on the Pore Tightening System products. I also see online that a spatula should be included (or at least there was in the past) however I didn't receive any spatula with mine. A spatula obviously isn't a necessity, but it would be a nice touch to have with the gel in order to scoop it out in a sanitary manner.

The product inside is a "Memory" gel - when you scoop some out, it returns back to it's original shape again.

The gel is a light green shade and is very gelatinous.

How To Apply:

The above shows other BRTC products you can use in conjunction with the Overnight Pore Tightener as part of your skincare regime, however I've simply been using the product after cleansing and toning my face and just before bedtime.

As my skin is predominantly dry and dehydrated, I just have open pores mainly on my nose and to a lesser extent, my chin, so I've been concentrating on these areas when applying the Overnight Pore Tightener.


Given that I have slightly sensitive skin, I was anticipating this product to tingle when applied, however I was pleasantly surprised that there was no such sensation at all. After applying it, the gel felt very cool and soothing. I think this gel would be lovely to apply after a hot, sunny day (especially if you left it in the fridge for a few minutes beforehand) to cool and gently soothe your skin. 

Given the gel-like consistency of this product, I did wonder if it would feel sticky once applied, I'm pleased to say however that after a few minutes the product completely sank into my skin and didn't leave any sticky or greasy residue. In fact, once it had settled in, I wouldn't have known I was wearing any product on my face at all.

One thing I must mention is that this product is fragranced. I personally really enjoy the scent and find it very refreshing - it actually reminded me of marine algae and clean beach scents. It's not an overpowering fragrance by any means, however if you're not a fan of scented facial products, this may be something to watch out for. I did find that the scent completely dissipated once allowed to soak in.


The next morning after using the Overnight Pore Tightener I felt as though my skin were much more "refreshed" and I looked as though I had a really good nights sleep. Dry flaky patches are a huge problem for me, however they didn't appear as noticeable the next day.

It took about 3 nights of use before I noticed a visible improvement in my pores. By day 4 I could definitely see a reduction in the size of the pores on my nose and chin. My skin in these areas also looked less congested. I had a few blemishes on my chin before starting to use this product and they have now pretty much cleared up - this may just be a coincidence of course, but I thought I should mention it all the same. :)

I've found that a pea sized amount of this gel is enough to do an entire face, so given that the jar contains 50mls, this should last a very long time, even with nightly use.

I think BRTC recommend using this product for 4 weeks in order to achieve maximum results. I've been using this for a week now and I'm liking the improvements thus far so I'm going to keep using this for the 4 weeks and report back with full results then! :)

Overall though, I can definitely see an improvement on my pores, I'll comment further on the firming capabilities and wrinkle reducing properties once I've used it for the 4 weeks. This product has been extremely gentle on my sensitive skin - I've had no adverse reactions at all whatsoever so that's another plus in it's favour.

It has also left my skin hydrated and moisturised which is a huge bonus for me as whilst I do suffer from oily areas on my nose and chin, they are also dehydrated and need moisturising to keep dry patches and flakes at bay.

You can get the Overnight Pore Tightener direct from BRTC at:

For some reason, I can't find the product on the website anymore (I'm thinking it may be out of stock and it's been removed from the site as it's unavailable at the moment) however I'll look into this, just in case it's been discontinued!

If memory serves, I think this retailed for around $30 - and BRTC also ship worldwide.

I'm really looking forward to trying out some BRTC BB Cream products in the future as I've been very happy with this product so far.

Have you tried any BRTC products before? Are there any particular ones you'd recommend? If so, please let me know in the comments below, thanks! :D

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