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Friday, 29 March 2013

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan by Marissa Carter

I'm a self confessed tanophobe. Seriously, fake tan puts the fear of God into me. I'm whiter than white and any past forays into fake tan have left me in orange streaky messes or a delightful shade of jaundiced yellow.

The Oopma Loompa look is not one that I'm particularly keen on recreating, I'm far more at home with the likes of Illamasqua's Skin Base in 001 White. However, I've been seeing and hearing nothing but praise for Cocoa Brown's 1 Hour Tan by Marissa Carter. The whole of blog land seems to love it and there's one rave review after another for it and I came across them at the Irish Beauty Show in the RDS a few weeks back, so of course I had to try it...

Cocoa Brown is the brainchild of Marissa Carter, the owner of Carter Beauty in Blackrock and Beauty Editor over at Irish Parent Magazine. Being such a respected person within the beauty world and having countless beauty qualifications under her belt (she even studied Cosmetic Science in Philadelphia so committed as she is to her craft) she decided to bring her own high performing tanning brand to the market.

See her here looking all naturally glowy and bronzed and not at all like a tanorexic! I had high hopes when I came across this photo of Miss Carter herself :)

Marissa set about to create a tan for sensitive skin (given that nearly half of us Irish ladies had sensitive skin it's a wonder no-one thought of this before!)

The packaging is gorgeous! A lovely hot pink metal cannister with candy striping in various shades of pink and browns. Very girly altogether! I like! It also features a foam application for mess-free application.

Cocoa Brown doesn't contain any DHA's (which you'll find in a lot of other tans) as they can potentially trigger a skin reaction - definitely no good for sensitive types!

The self tanning agent is derived from plants and grains for a more natural, healthier tan.

Cocoa Brown also features DMI, an accelerator which gives it it’s amazing 1 hour development time. Now I'm no tanning expert, but I know that a mere 1 hour developing time is pretty amazeballs!

So say goodbye to walking around the house like Clint Eastwood and smelling like dog biscuits waiting for your tan to dry and develop!

The tan has been formulated with all skin types in mind and contains Tahitian Gardenia to give the tan a light floral fragrance.

I'd strongly recommend exfoliating before using this (as I would with any self tan) and applying with a mitt. The foam mousse application makes it foolproof to apply and because it's coloured, you can easily see where you're applying it and check for any spots you missed.

The tan imparts a lovely golden glow straight after application which you then leave for just one hour to develop before washing off. If you want a richer tan, you can leave it on longer, up to three hours, but you do get a lovely glow after just the one hour.

This smells absolutely lovely on! I couldn't help but sniff myself at occasional intervals, it really is that nice! See, I told you this tan was different! ;)

I found the shade to be very natural without even the slightest hint of orange (phew!) I left it on for an hour as it was my first time using tan in a LONG time and I wasn't feeling particularly adventurous. I think I'll try it for three hours the next time and report back then :)

Overall, I've been REALLY impressed with this offering from Marissa Carter, so much so I think I may even have cured myself of my tan phobias! I'll definitely be using this more during the summer and before I go on holidays so I'm not a walking milk bottle on the beach.

You get 150mls of product for €7.99 which I think represents stellar value for money!

You can read more about Cocoa Brown here:

and it can be found in good pharmacies nationwide.

If you're a fan of tan, have you tried this before? How do you rate it?

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