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Friday, 30 August 2013

Electric Picnic Glamping Essentials

Everything you need for your Electric Picnic weekend!

For the festival fiends among us, Electric Picnic is fast approaching and as one of the coolest and craziest camping events in Europe, so I  make sure that those of you in attendance are fully prepared and ready to get your glamp on!
No girl wants to be weighed down with a 5 ton handbag or colossal rucksack when making her way through the crowds and dancing all night to her favourite bands. Here's your team of must have essentials to help keep you feeling fresh and looking fab all weekend.

1.    Tickets  Very easily overlooked in the packing mayhem, always double check they’re in your back pocket.
2.    Sunglasses – Given our glorious summer this year, we think it’s best to always have a pair close by.
3.    Baby wipes – These miracle wipes will keep everything from your face to your body fresh in one swipe!
4.    Nail polish – Hanging around mucky fields can wreak havoc on your manicure, make sure you’ve got a funky colour to hand to keep nails looking great and still on trend!
5.    Festival remedies such as Rennie & Alka-Seltzer – Headaches, tummy cramps and indigestion have a sneaky way of ruining your weekend. Having some handy pocket size packs in your bag can mean a weekend free from ailments!
6.    Dry shampoo – A must-have for any glamping goddess.
7.    Torch – Whether it’s locating your tent or the nearest portaloo, a hand torch is a great festival investment.
8.    Mini toothbrush & toothpaste – Make sure to keep those teeth sparkling for all the photo opportunities!
If you're lucky enough to be attending Electric Picnic this year, have a fantastic time!! :D

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