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Monday, 9 September 2013

ARTDECO - Colour & Art Collection

How stunning is this image below?! Isn't it just gorgeous?

ARTDECO have some of the most innovative and visually stunning promo images out there for each and every release and the new ARTDECO Colour & Art Collection is no different.

The new Color & Art Collection features lots of products for cheeks, lips and nails but even more makeup products for the eyes like new mono eyeshadows, colored mascaras, eye pencils and liquid eye liners.

As you might already know, I'm personally a huge fan of ARTDECO - high quality formulations, excellent pigmentation, smooth, blendable eyeshadows, creamy and intense lipsticks and they're always bang on trend every season. Hold my hands up time - I have to admit, ARTDECO will always have a special place in my heart due to their recent collaborations with the ever fabulous Dita Von Teese. Alas, I fear that there aren't any more Dita Von Teese collections in the pipeline but a girl can always dream... *sigh*

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Summer may be but a distant memory by now but you can count on the Colour & Art Collection to bring a POP of colour back into your life and brighten up your days with their zesty and cheerful offerings.

The range includes nail, lip, eye and cheek colors with a brand new dip liquid eyeliner all with a bespoke motif especially developed for ARTDECO.

Unfortunately, as with most highly-desirable and covetable items and collections this is limited edition (boo!) and is exclusive in Ireland to Debenhams. It's been available since mid-July, so if you like the look of any of the products below you'd want to get down to your local Debenhams to snap them up before they're gone, gone, GONE!

Now, onto the good stuff - the pictures! Be prepared to drool - or want them all. Be warned - I did both!
Eyeshadow Base 
This eyeshadow base is a neutral color primer that prevents eyeshadow from settling in the crease.It calms the delicate eyelid skin with bisabolol and protects it with vitamin E.

Available in twelve new shades. Each shade has a shimmery pearl finish and has been made to give lasting results while being completely wearable for day or evening wear.

  • #420 Moss Green
  • #423 Green Picnic
  • #426 Ice Cube
  • #430 Midnight
  • #413 Yellow Sunbeam
  • #416 Green Grasshopper
  • #408 Golden Red Carmine
  • #410 Warm Sassy Orange
  • #434 Purple
  • #441 Plum
  • #445 Roseton
  • #450 White
Beauty Box Trio – Limited Edition 
Palettes that allow you to add your own pans are becoming really popular, I mean why wouldn't they? Having the option of carrying your favourite eyeshadows and blushers just makes things so much easier. The Beauty Box Trio allows you to do just that, carry your favourite eyeshadows or blushers whilst on the go. 

This new beauty box is ideal for combining, sharing and storage your favorite mono eyeshadow and blushes.

Soft Eye Liner Waterproof 
Developed to provide a creamy soft application, these eyeliners have been made to give long-lasting smudge proof results while being easy to handle.

  • #10 Black
  • #50 Cobalt Blue
  • #87 Purple
  • #68 Golden Green
Dip Eyeliner 

  • #05 Turquoise Green
  • #06 Cobalt Blue
  • #08  Purple Date
  • #01 Classic Black

Wonder Lash Intense Mascara

  • #01 Black
  • #06 Green
  • #10 Blue
  • #14 Purple

Perfect Color Lipstick 
ARTDECO have released a further six shades in this collection, these are called the Perfect Colour Lipstick. Like the rest of the Colour & Art collection these are highly pigmented and creamy soft, made to give the wearer that durable pop of colour while moisturising the lips with the added Vitamin E.

  • #108 Orange Wild Time – fresh orange pink
  • #115 Call Me – intense coral
  • #122 Crazy In Love – pink
  • #126 Red Pepper – red
  • #142 Pink Lady -deep pink
  • #160 Knock-Out Pink – light pink

Lip Lacquer 

  • #05 Orange Wild Time
  • #23 Mellow Tangerine
  • #28 Pink Attitude
  • #48 Violet Lips

Soft Lip Liner Waterproof 

  • #68 Orange Wild Time
  • #74 Call Me Pink
  • #75 Red Pepper
  • #86 Knock-Out Pink


  • #62 Vitamin Bomb
  • #73 Pink Juice
Ceramic Nail Lacquer  
Each nail lacquer contains a patented plasticiser and polymer to make the formula resistant to chipping.

  • #03 Hot Hot Pink
  • #09 Pick-Up Line
  • #23 Red Heart
  • #80 Fresh Orange
  • #81 Happy Banana
  • #84 Dark Blue
  • #82 Green Mood
  • #83 Green Picnic

    I'm absolutely loving the hot shades in this collection, I don't know about you, but I LOVE pops of colour, the brighter and bolder the better! :D

    See anything nice from this collection that's taken your fancy? If so, let me know in the comments below! :)

  • Again, this is available exclusively to Debenhams in Ireland - unfortunately it's not available for online shopping, so it's in-store only guys!

    Why not pop on over to the nice peeps at ARTDECO Ireland and say hello here;
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