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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Betrousse - The Glitz & Glamour Edition

Hi, I'm Belle and I'm a Beauty Box addict.

Yeah, you'll probably have gathered by now that I'm just a bit of a fan of the ol' beauty box malarkey. It's just so enticing, paying a nominal fee - £10 in this case and receive a big ol' box full of beauty booty normally worth multiples of the price you pay. What's not to like? Oh, well there is the case of sometimes ending up with a box of products not suited to your tastes or skin type. Or worse still, feeling like you've gotten a raw deal when you end up with a lacklustre box and you see others with their boxes jam packed with a treasure trove of highly sought after products. Yeah it sucks and we've all been there before.

Betrousse are a bit of a game changer in this respect - first off, there's no monthly commitment - you buy the boxes on a one off basis - secondly all of the "samples" you receive are actually full size products. Yes, you read that right - FULL SIZE products - kiss goodbye to those measly perfume vials and skincare sachets that always leave you with a sour taste in your mouth knowing that you could have picked these up for free from the friendly sales assistant at your local beauty counter. Also, and here's the biggie - you get to see what you're going to get before you commit to buy - no more ending up with a box of products you won't use and each and every box is identical so you can be assured you're not going to get the "crappy" box whilst everyone's seems to be handpicked by the Gods and sent from Manna. Praise be! :D

The latest offerings from Betrousse is the Glitz and Glamour edition beauty kit.

On to the goodies...

This edition includes the following;

Jāsön Normalizing shampoo

"This shampoo from JĀSÖN contains Rose and Chamomile to tone and balance pH levels whilst plant extracts hydrate, calm and soothe. Removes residue and build-up without stripping or drying hair. Use daily to promote a healthy scalp and fosters beautiful, healthy hair. Balances scalp, for all hair types."
Full Size: £7.29 for 255ml
Sample Size: 255ml
Value: £7.29

fair naturally mango and safflower body moisturiser

"Deeply nourish and moisturise your skin with a luxurious Mango & Safflower Body Moisturiser, made with Fairtrade Mango Extract & Cane Sugar, which are known for their conditioning and moisturising properties. This subtle body moisturiser leaves your skin feeling irresistibly soft, smooth and nourished."
Full Size: £3.99 for 200ml
Sample Size: 200ml
Value: £3.99

make believe beauty enhance shimmer lip gloss

"Enhance your tan with shimmer, an indulgent moisturising lip-gloss for a luscious pout with a hint of shimmer."
Full Size: £9.19 for 15ml
Sample Size: 15ml
Value: £9.19

benta berry g-1 exfoliating cleanser

"This G-1 treatment is enriched with the BENTA BERRY regulating exfoliating complex and combines the botamix (burdock, jasmine and mandarin) with white dead-nettle and zinc pidolate to control excess sebum and purify skin. With this combined action, it removes impurities and dead skin cells using the exfoliating properties of ground apricot seeds."
Full Size: £14 for 30ml
Sample Size: 30ml
Value: £14

Included comes a beauty "menu" detailing your new products - it's a nice touch.

One thing to note however, the "menu" for this editions box states the inclusion of a Tulecos Tonifying Oil or Relaxing Oil - unfortunately for some reason or another, this didn't come included in my box. I'm not sure if it was an oversight, or if they were out of stock but I thought I mention this in case any of you decide to try out this beauty kit and also find the Tulecos product MIA.

I haven't tried out the products yet, but all in all this seems like a good box overall - I'm especially looking forward to trying out the JĀSÖN shampoo and Fair Naturally Mango and Safflower body moisturiser. Definitely worth the £10 price tag!

I have to say, I love the concept of being able to see before you buy - no more unpleasant surprises - and the fact that you're guaranteed full sized products - proper samples you can try out numerous times before making an informed decision on whether or not to re-purchase. You can't really go wrong at this price point, what's not to like!

You can find Betrousse here
Or say hello to them on Facebook and Twitter 

Have you ever tried Betrousse? Or indeed any other Beauty Boxes? I'd love to hear what the best and worst products you ever received were! :)

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