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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Glossybox - DIY Nail Polish Storage

I'm always looking for new Makeup Storage ideas - my kit is increasing at an exponential rate - and I'm kind of a neat-freak in the sense that I like to have everything neat, tidy and organised. At last count, with over 250+ nail polishes, storage was becoming problematic, so here's a quick and easy tutorial to make the most of your unwanted Glossyboxes to store your nail polishes (or Eyelashes, pigments, eyeshadows, jewellery, lipsticks... well, just about anything really!

All you need is...

3 empty Glossyboxes mail packaging

And some scissors, cardboard and sellotape. Yup, that's it, I promise! :)

Step 1:

Cut the lid off of two of your Glossyboxes

Til you're left with this;

You should now have two Glossyboxes minus their lids and the two lids left to one side, like so;

Step 2:
Stack your three Glossyboxes on top of one another - the one with the lid attached on top.

Place the two left over lids you just cut off and place one edge of the flaps underneath the bottom box.

You're going to need to attach these two flaps to one another to help form a frame around your Glossyboxes

Take a piece of stiff cardboard to bridge the gap between the flaps.
Secure with glue/sellotape.

Step 3:
Now you need to make a "back" to this frame. Do this by attaching some stiff cardboard to the side flaps of your Glossybox lids. Use sellotape or glue.
You should by now, hopefully, have something resembling this;

Step 4:

Trim off the overhanging flaps that are left.

You should by now have a frame like this;

Step 5:

Time to insert your "drawers" AKA empty Glossyboxes


Each drawer holds about 50 Catrice Polishes

Room for accessories too!

It's still at the "rough and ready" stage, however I have some cute cupcakes and macrons wrapping paper in pastel shades that I'm going to use to cover the entire unit and add some ribbon "handles" to finish it off.

I'll do a mini-tutorial again once it's completely finished and decorated.

At present I've found it can hold 150 Catrice nail polishes - not bad for some old packaging I was about to throw away. :)

If you have have tips on how to store/hoard your makeup bits and bobs please let me know in the comments below. :D

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