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Monday, 30 September 2013

Haircare: Surya Brasil Neutral Henna Powder

Henna has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years and as you all know, is an extremely popular form of natural hair dye and temporary tattooing techniques however, I must have been the only girl in Ireland not to have dabbled in Henna during their teenage years. That all recently changed however when I was kindly sent a box of Surya Brasil Neutral Henna Powder to try out.

Now, I wasn't actually aware that you could get Henna in a "neutral" shade that doesn't alter the colour of your hair, however the more I read the more I was intrigued by it;

"Surya Brasil Henna Powder is a henna based hair colour that is 100% natural and vegetal that treats the hair while it colours. The henna powder contains lawsone. Lawsone has a natural affinity for the hair which allows this natural dye to penetrate the superficial layers of the hair cuticles and deposit on the strands, creating a film that strengthens and gives lustre."

Lawsonia Inermis (Henna) Extract, Phyllanthus Emblica (Amla) Extraact, Acacia Concinna Extract, Indigofera Tinctoria (Indigo) Extract, Terminalia Belerica Extract.

 100% natural hair colouring made up of plants only
• No PPD, Ammonia, parabens or SLS
• No resorcinol, peroxide or heavy metals
• Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically Tested


Inside the box you'll find;

 a large 50gram sachet of the Henna Powder
disposable plastic gloves
disposable plastic shower cap
instruction leaflet which is very detailed and easy to follow

If you have highlighted hair you may be wary of adding a green product to your hair, however rest be assured, this will not alter the colour of your hair nor will it turn your lovely blonde highlights into a fetching green shade that Princess Fiona would be proud of, phew.

It's also good to note that this product CAN be used on chemically treated hair such as; bleached, permed, chemically straightened, dyed, relaxed and well, just about all hair types no-matter how mistreated and abused they may be :)

One word of caution which I would always
advise to anyone before using a hair care product such as this, is please always perform a patch test to ensure you can proceed with no allergic reactions or sensitivity issues. If you're trying out one of the 8 available coloured henna powders from the range to dye your hair, it would also be advisable to perform a strand test before hand to ensure that you're completely happy with the final result before committing yourself to dying your whole head.
What You're Gonna Need:

Box of Surya Brasil Henna Powder? Check

You're also going to need some water and a mixing bowl. Whilst you don't need it, I also like to use a hair tint brush to help apply the product evenly.

When you're done mixing the Henna Powder and water according to directions you should be left with something like this. A nice thick green emulsion.

If you have short or fine hair, you probably won't need to use the whole packet of Henna Powder, in fact, I'd guesstimate you could probably get up to 4 applications out of it, however seeing as I have quite long and fine hair (but a lot of it as a hairdresser once told me) I decided to mix it all up and slap it on to give my locks a good long nourishing treatment.

The green paste smells quite herbal and fresh and be forewarned, this can get messy during the application process so lay down a towel over any sanitary ware which you don't want to get stained.

I gave my hair a quick wash beforehand and applied it to towel dried but damp hair. I worked it in from scalp to the tips of my hair to make sure my scalp and roots benefited from the nourishing and protecting treatment too. I then wrapped my hair up in a bun and donned the very fetching plastic shower cap before wrapping a towel around it to lock in the heat and warmth to aide the whole process.

There is no set time line for how long you can leave this in your hair for and I opted to leave it in for a good hour whilst I had a candle-lit soak in the back catching up on my Nook. :)

Rinsing this out did take some time before the water ran clear and I have to say that I didn't instantly feel the benefits whilst rinsing in the sense that my hair didn't feel miraculously smooth or shiny, however it wasn't until my hair was fully dry that I noticed a difference. That evening I definitely noticed that my hair felt healthier to the touch and it seemed more voluminous than usual - a side effect that I hadn't expected or anticipated but was most welcome :)

It also felt clean. Really clean. I think this gave my hair a good detoxifying, ridding it of any product residue build up.

In all honesty, this probably isn't a product I would use on a weekly basis, however I can definitely see myself using this every few weeks as a special hair treat to condition and remove product build up. 

I also see that the Surya Henna Powder protects the hair from chemical actions and should be used before and after permanent colouring, straightening, relaxation and exposure to sun, wind pollution and chlorinated swimming pools. So I can definitely see myself bringing a box of this away on holidays when I know I'm going to be out and about in the sun and swimming a lot.

I'll definitely also try this out before my next hair-dye - when I do dye my hair, I normally go for blue/black shades, which unfortunately don't come in Henna varieties, so I'm stuck with using those dyes which come with ammonia included, so I'm looking forward to testing it's protective and restorative abilities before applying harsh permanent hair colour.

In fact, I see that the brand actually recommends using this before and after hair colouring in order to both protect the hair beforehand and to lock in and seal the colour, prolonging it's life afterwards. So yeah, this is definitely going on my shopping list next time I'm in the mood to dye my hair!

The Surya Brasil Neutral Henna Powder is priced at £6.99 / €8.04 and is available from Your Tonic

Find them on Twitter and Facebook

Are you a fan of Henna products already? What brands do you use or have you ever tried Surya Brasil?

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