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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Jasper Jewellery: Swarovski Crystal Baroque Gold Necklace

Jasper Jewellery are a new start-up Irish business located in Drogheda which was recently founded by Peter McCloskey and Ann Branigan who both have a flair and passion for jewellery, so when they contacted me to see if I would be interested in sharing their brand with you guys I jumped at the chance.

I was sent a beautiful piece to review and share, but first off, I have to show you all the lovely presentation and beautiful gift wrapping the item came in. It also came with a  cute little pack of Love Hearts - gemstones AND sweeties, all finished off with a pretty purple bow, my, my we were off to a good start. What girl could resist jewellery and candy? Well, not me anyhow!

Behind the beautiful wrapping lay your standard jewellery presentation box with velvet interior in a rich chocolate brown complete with white overlay card.

I loved photographing this piece, there's so many gorgeous coloured stones, I hope I can try and do them some justice in the following photos :)

This Luxuriantly decorated crystal necklace featuring Swarovski, Preciosa and mixed crystals in smoked Topaz, Olivine, Smoky Quartz along with peach colours Which are Finished in a 14 carat gold plating.

This is the chain link at the back of the necklace, again it's finished in 14ct gold plating.

The chain length is 42cm (this would be between choker and collarbone length on most people) and the extension chain is 5cm if you want to alter the length.

Back of the piece:

They say a picture says a thousand words, so with that in mind, I'm going to let the following photos do the talking when it comes to showing the beauty of this piece;

I don't normally wear such coloured pieces of jewellery, however I have really been converted to the subtle shades of olive green, muted taupes and warm honey and caramel tones.

The cut on the large stone really enhances each facet to reflect light and shine brightly

The large stone which is the showpiece of the necklace, has a slight pink hue to it giving the gold plating in the background an almost rose-gold sheen to it which I love.

As with any jewellery like this, I would always advise never to spray any perfumes directly onto the piece as it may tarnish it - it's also a good idea to give your jewellery a quick wipe with a lint-free cloth after every wear to keep it in pristine condition and to help prolong its life.

If you like the look of this piece, then please go and visit Jasper Jewellery where you can view their entire range of jewellery including Swarovski, Bridal wear, evening jewellery and Statement and Vintage pieces.

You can view the necklace I was sent here unfortunately, this appears to be out of stock at the minute so I do not have any pricing to hand.

They offer a free gift wrapping service on all orders and best of all, free delivery worldwide!

You can also find Jasper Jewellery on Facebook and Twitter

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