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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes - SH-AMAZING!

OK, I admit it, I have a bit of a girl crush on Katy Perry - she just seems like she'd be so much fun to hang out with and have a bit of a good ol' girly chat with. I also love lashes. I mean, REALLY love lashes, so it was of course inevitable that I would end up with some Katy Perry lashes in my possession some day.

As soon as I saw the Lichtenstein-inspired pop art packaging complete with funky comic-style KA-POW's and KA-BOOM's hearkening back to the Adam West era of  a 1960's Batman in tights, I just knew I had to have them. There's also more than a nod to MAC's recent Wonder Woman collaboration - Katy Perry is kind of like our modern day Superwoman. She sings, she dances and wears latex dresses with Smurfs on them. I mean, you can’t really ask for more, can you?
Unfortunately, during my mini-shopping spree I could only find two of the styles available - KA-POW with a pop of purple and KA-BOOM with a flash of striking blue. No peacock tinted KA-CHING or the rainbow loveliness that is KA-ZAAM for me unfortunately. :(


A layered strip lash in black with flashes of electric blue. A POP of Color for your lashes! Make room for Ka-Boom! It’s the secret agent working for the blue-tification of most eye colours yet will really add snap and pop to the bluey shades. One flutter of your super-powered peepers and you’ll never look back.

Her latest coloured lash range is the second collection she’s brought out in collaboration with Eylure, and it’s pretty damn cool. Each pack is full of super long lashes which feature pops of colour in blue (Ka-Boom), teal (Ka-Ching) or purple (Ka-Pow). The lashes were developed under the premise that different lash shades enhance different eye colours better; blue, grey or green eyes look best with the teal or blue tinted lashes and brown or hazel coloured eyes are enhanced with purple or teal lashes.
If you can’t decide or you want a more natural look, Eylure have made a pack of single lashes which has all the different colours and different lengths called Ka-Zaam... awesome! Not so awesome however, is the fact that these, along with Ka-Ching were sold out :(

The lashes are full, fluttery and feline-tastic.

They have a nice thick band which is flexible - handy for bending to your eye shape - and the lashes themselves are criss-crossed and lush and feathery. Love!


A layered strip lash in black with flashes of Powerful Purple. A POP of Color for your lashes. Oh Wow, Ka-Pow! These violet tipped beauties are a special gift for all eye shades but will add extra Pow-er to brown hued eyes. Be your own alter-ego by ditching the dull and buffing up those beautiful eyes… It really is your brand new secret weapon.

Each pack also comes with a matching sticker in it's namesake - KA-POW shown below.

I normally use DUO adhesive when applying lashes, however I found the Eylure Lashfix Strip Adhesive that was included to do the job perfectly well also. I normally throw away the provided glue with lashes, however I think I'll hang onto this - it's super small size means it's very clutch bag friendly to bring with you on a night out should you need any touch-ups to your lashes - don't you just hate it when the inner corner of your lashes goes "PING" halfway through the night giving you lopsided eyes?

I have to admit, I was completely sold on these lashes before ever trying them due to the packaging and Katy Perry connection alone, but I do actually really rate them! I'm absolutely loving the flashes of colour - if you're not used to wearing bold and daring shades there's no need to worry, as being honest the pops of colour are just that - a quick flash when you close your eyes, it's not an in your face rainbow explosion.

These babies are now taking pride and place in my stash of lashes.

With proper care, e.g. clean them after every use and store them in their lash case inserts to keep their shape and to keep them free from dust and dirt, these lashes are re-usable and you should get at least 10 wears out of them.

Available from Boots for €9.25 or Eylure for £6.45

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