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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Frontcover Cosmetics - NEW Party Queen Edition

Frontcover Cosmetics have quite the selection of new A/W 2013 releases to choose from at the minute and I have the New Party Queen set to show you all today, which dare I say it, looks like it's going to be a fab set to get a lot of use in the run up to Christmas parties.

I first came to know of the brand back way back in 2008 when they first launched their amazing Rainbow Eyes Set, which AFAIK sold out everywhere. Of course, as soon as I heard SOLD OUT I positively had to get my paws on one and after weeks of searching I finally found one in a Boots in Belfast.

Since then I've tried out some bits and pieces from the brand but it's been a while since I tried out one of their beauty sets, so I was really looking forward to getting to grips with the New Party Queen edition. 

"All things that sparkled and shone featured on the runway 

for this season... metallic fabrics, gold threads and 

twinkling glittery eye make up. This collection is a spectrum 

of iridescent colour and dazzling eye effects in a single 

box. Domed baked powder, twinkle powders, deeply 

intense metallic pigments and iridescent glitter and step by 

step application instructions by Frontcover’s resident make-

up artist."


X5 Domed Baked Twinkle Powder Eyeshadows
X5 Satin Pressed Powder Eyeshadows
X2 Pigments
X2 Glitters
Eye Pencil + Smudger
Double Ended Suit-All Lip Stain and Gloss
Double Ended  Eye Applicator
Sparkling Nail Polish

One thing I love about the Frontcover Sets is the fact they're designed like a book or a "beauty bible" of sorts - they're perfect for your bookshelf and make a nice addition alongside your makeup books :)

Onto the photos!

There's a nice selection of muted tones alongside jewel tones. The combination of both baked eyeshadows and satin finishes make for a nice contrast in terms of application and finish.

Also included are two glitter pots and two pigments in a deep charcoal and a rich copper shade.

And lastly, you also get a double ended brush, mascara, black eyeliner, double ended lipgloss and nail polish.


When swatching these originally, I thought that the gold and silver shades (Gold Lava & Twinkling Star) were richly pigmented - unfortunately this doesn't appear to have translated well on camera, they looked a lot more intense and vibrant in person though, honest!

Midnight Sky (in the middle) is a nicely pigmented black with lots of lovely blue and purple microshimmer.

I really liked the texture and feel of the Satin Eyeshadows, unfortunately I felt that the end shade - Phantom, a nice charcoal grey wasn't as pigmented or buttery as the other shades and needed a bit more work to blend smoothly. I thought these were a nice combo of taupe, mink and cashmere colour selections overall.

The pigments were complete polar opposites of each other. As you can see, Darkly, the pigment on the left applied very patchily and wasn't very pigmented, whilst in contrast Terracotta was highly pigmented and laden with colour. Terracotta was very easy to blend and work giving off an intense copper hue, but fall out was a bit of an issue with this as can be the norm with pigments in general.

Left: Periwinkle             Right: Doubloon

The two glitter pots were scarcely filled, but there is still plenty of glitter packed in there for multiple uses. It's a very finely milled glitter so you need to take care when applying to the eye area - I'd always use either MAC's Water-Based Mixing Medium, or MAC's Mixing Medium Gel when applying glitter to both ensure it adheres to the eyelid and so I don't get any fall out in my eyes - because as lovely and all as glitter is, it's no fun getting it in your eye and can be dangerous!

I loved these two shades - Periwinkle has lots of sparkly silver micro-shimmer whilst Doubloon has a gorgeous, almost rainbow array of shades mixed through including red and green. These are lovely patted onto the eyelid or mixed with a mixing medium to create a glitter eyeliner.

I was really impressed with the eyeliner - It actually reminded me of an Urban Decay 24/7 liner - creamy and long lasting this one's a winner.

Double-ended brush. I normally don't use any brushes provided with sets however it's not a bad brush. It's not a great brush but it's not the worst by means either and it would certainly suffice to do the job at hand. Besides, you can never have too many brushes! 

This nail polish really reminds me of the Catrice Prismatic Effects Top Coat - it's a pearlised polish with shots of blue and purple duo-chrome running through it.

This can be used on it's own or as a top coat to give other nail polishes a multi-faceted, duo-chrome effect.

Black mascara with a standard wand. Doesn't flake or clump and lasts pretty well. Nice inclusion in this set.

This is a double ended lip product that contains an iridescent gloss on one end and a lip stain on the other. When I first saw the shade of the lip stain in the set I wasn't too keen on it, however it looked far nicer on than it did in the tube and it completely won me over in the end. I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did. You can wear either gloss on their own or layer the shimmery gloss on top of the lip stain to add a subtle golden sheen.

The lip stain is super long lasting - I had to get an oil based eye makeup remover in the end to get the last trace of this off my lips so longevity is great.

In conclusion, I think this is a great value set with something to suit everyone. I'll admit to being a bit of a makeup snob when it comes to eyeshadows, normally preferring to stick to MAC, Inglot & Urban Decay for their pigmentation, longevity and range of shades and finishes so I wasn't expecting too much from this set, but I have to say I was actually pleasantly surprised.

That's not to say that all the shades were fantastic - I had some pigmentation and application issues with a few that I listed above, but on the whole they're not bad at all and I can definitely see myself using this palette over the winter.

I was really impressed with the eyeliner in this set and the addition of a nail polish, mascara, double-ended brush, lipgloss and glitters were a nice touch also. You really do get bang for your buck with all the components in this set.

This palette is priced at £30 / €36 and you can order it direct from Frontcover Cosmetics

In total you're getting 19 pieces of makeup in this kit (14 shadows/pigments/glitters along with 5 other bits - mascara, nail polish, lipgloss, brush and eyeliner) so each item works out at just around  £1.57 / €1.89 which when you put it that way sounds like great value.

This would make a lovely gift for someone for Christmas or even just a treat to yourself. At this price, it's really hard to knock it. These kits are an easy way to try out current trends, without spending a fortune in the process. 
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