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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

MAC Halloween Looks & Rick Baker Collection

Hi Guys & Ghouls!

Halloween, my favourite time of year is nearly upon is and of course that means dressing up and playing around with new makeup looks to get into the spirit (spirit, geddit? OK, I'll leave all the cheesy puns for now.) In case you're in need of some inspiration for tomorrow nights festivities, I thought I'd share some of my most favourite MAC Halloween looks along with some tips on how to achieve the looks along with a peek of some of the latest Rick Baker looks from MAC's newest MAC + Rick Baker collection which is out now.

The Capitol’s couture queen, Effie Trinkett, was also spotted wearing a runway-worthy makeup look.

Pale white skin, bright eye makeup seamlessly connecting with the blush on cheekbones, pursed lips.

To cop Effie's pale matte skin, use a foundation one shade lighter than your skin tone. Mix two blush shades as an eyeshadow and cheek color, and create a corner flush by applying blush high on your cheekbones, and finally defining eyes using a black kohl liner. To achieve Effie's pursed lips, conceal the outer corners of your pucker using a white kohl pencil. Apply lipstick on the center of your lips, and top it off with gloss.

Inspired by the book and movie The Great Gatsby set in the Roaring Twenties, it's the definitive look of the era when women started sporting short bobs instead of long locks, and short, sleeveless dresses as compared to the previous decade’s long, restrictive frocks.
Lips were colored in deep shades of brick red. Eyes were defined by using dark shadows and adorned with lush, doll-like lashes. Eyebrows were thin and sloped down.

Draw eyebrows downwards and set with clear brow gel. Do a soft smokey eye using a dark eye shadow on the outer crease and a stark white shadow on the lid. Curl lashes and apply four coats of mascara. Perfect the 1920s look by dabbing on some black cherry lipstick.

The original va-va-voom sex symbol from the 1950s Marilyn Monroe is always a Halloween fave! Complete the look by wearing a short blonde wig with large vintage curls, a white, deep-neckline dress, and sexy kitten heels. Don't forget the flirtatious confidence!

Flawless skin, framed brows, winged eyeliner, and Hollywood-red lipstick.

Highlight the browbone, nose bridge, cupid’s bow, and cheekbones using How to Marry. On the crease use a matte beige eye shadow and contour using an espresso shade. Line eyes and apply false eyelashes. Of course, Marilyn's bombshell beauty wouldn’t be complete without her signature red lipstick, so apply one using a lip brush and blot with a tissue, sex kitten-style.

Why wear a mask when you can just draw it? The daring cat-loving villainess from the Batman comic series, the Catwoman hides her identity by wearing a winged eye mask. She pairs it with luscious red lips.

Drawn-on mask with a classic red lip.

Start by sweeping a terracotta eye shadow all over the lid. To offset the black mask, brighten the lower lashline and inner corners with white kohl pencil. Trace the desired mask shape by using a felt-tip liner. Fill it in by using a black kohl pencil. Seal the deal by painting on gel liner all over the area. Don't forget to swipe on a bold red lipstick. Purr-fect!
Gotye’s music video “Somebody I Used To Know” conquered music charts and most probably some broken hearts too. Gotye had graphic face art on his face imitating the Art Deco backdrop and making for a perfect pop culture reference.
Four painted slices on half of the face.

Use four different brushes when applying each color per face section. Mix lipsticks with foundation to achieve salmon and brown. Use two different shades of gray on the forehead and eye area. Use a black liner to define each sections to make them more distinct. Leave skin bare and set with translucent powder.

Performer Nicki Minaj is famous for her bold, colorful, even outlandish makeup looks, almost like a modern-day Barbie doll.
Rainbow popping colors and throwing makeup inhibitions out the window.

To achieve Nicki's perfectly arched brows, mix two shades of eyebrow pencil to get the right shade. For eyes, use a canary yellow eye shadow as base, applying it past the crease. Lightly pat on a green eyeshadow on the lid concentrating on the outer edge of the eye. On your lower lashline and using a flat brush, sweep on a blue eye shadow. Define lashes by using a black kohl liner, making the line more intense by using a felt tip liner. Lightly dust apples of the cheeks using a pink blush, and finish off the Barbie look by painting your pout with a warm pink lipstick

Next up are some of the recently released face charts and their stunning real life promo shots from the new MAC + Rick Baker Collection for you to feast your eyes on! 

Happy Halloween everyone! Please let me know in the comments below what you're planning on dressing up as - I'd love to hear what kinda looks you're all going for :D

Thanks for reading! x

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