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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Revlon Nail Polishes

I've always been a fan of Revlon nail polishes but felt that my stash was lacking, so I recently picked up 4 new pretties to add to my collection:

Naughty was previously released as "Perplex"

Naughty is a very close dupe of Chanel's Paradoxal which I love. It's a gorgeous grey-purple shade with bright violet microshimmer running through it. Another dupe for Paradoxal is Barry M's Dusky Mauve.

Like Naughty, Popular is also another re-release under a new name - it was previously called Starry Pink.

I don't normally like pale colours, but I completely fell in love with this as soon as I saw it. It's a lovely milky-pink shade that almost has a jelly-like quality to it, layered with lots of silver hex glitter and silver microshimmer particles. 

In the photo above, I applied two coats. I found application to be a bit streaky with this one, however because I love the shade so much it's one I'm definitely going to persevere with to get right. I'll try three coats next time, and possibly put a pastel pink underneath as well. I have one coat of Stunning on the ring finger. I think it looks better without this though. 

When looking at this in the shop, I actually thought it was a very dark blackened red/burgundy - it must have been light reflecting off something else though as when I brought it home I was a little disappointed to see that it's actually just a plain old black creme. That's my fault completely though and not the polishes :)

Black is a staple in my wardrobe and polish stash so it won't go to waste. I love layering black polish with flakie top coats, so this is definitely going to get a lot of outings over the winter.

Application is opaque in two coats, nice non-streaky formula.

Stunning is a silver holographic glitter that flashes rainbow in the light. There are different sized hex glitters in a clear base.

This is a beautiful top coat and can be layered for an intense look.

I'm really pleased with my Revlon purchases - I'll definitely be 

adding more to my collection in the near future!

I'm not sure what to make of all the renaming of re-released shades 

though - on the one hand it's great that they do re-release colours
that proved popular and were discontinued, on the other hand it 

would make things a lot simpler however if they re-released them

 under the original name. I picked up Facets of Fuchsia a while 

back and now I see that it's being re-promoted as Scandalous - 

what's this all about Revlon? Make up your mind already! :)

Have you ever gotten caught out picking up a previously released 

shade under a different guise?

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