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Sunday, 20 October 2013

That's A Wrap - Early Christmas Stocking Fillers

I hate to mention the "C" word when Halloween hasn't even arrived yet (I blame the shops - have you seen the amount of "festive" confectionery and decorations that's out already?!) but I just came across some really good value beauty sets and stocking fillers that were too good not to share and best of all, most of them are under a tenner! And after the latest Budget 2014, who isn't on the hunt for some beauty bargains?

Beautysets - Christmas Beauty Stocking Fillers

NIVEA have released a really nice selection of beauty sets that in all honesty give all the No. 7 and Boots gift sets in general a run for their money.  Whilst it may not be a high-end haute couture brand, there's no doubt that NIVEA gets a lot of love and it's no wonder why when the Daily Mail (for shame I know!) recently pitted its original and lauded NIVEA Creme against the rather decidedly spendy Creme de la Mer and guess who came out tops? Yup, you got it - NIVEA! The iconic cream in the blue pot which is a mere €1.69 for 50ml fared better after the 30 day trial than Creme de la Mer which costs an eye watering €130 for 30ml. Full article here

NIVEA Mini Treats - €5.99

The NIVEA Mini Treats includes:

NIVEA Soft 25ml - for refreshingly soft and smooth skin all over. 

NIVEA Shower Crème Soft 50ml - enriched with Almond Oil to nourish skin.   
NIVEA Lipcare Hydra Care - quickly absorbs to leave a sensationally soft feeling on your lips, with pure water and Aloe Vera.

NIVEA Gorgeous Skin - €10.99

Including NIVEA’s most popular body care products, NIVEA
 Gorgeous Skin is presented in a gold beauty bag and also
 includes the essential shower puff:

NIVEA Soft Moisturiser 200ml   

NIVEA Shower Pearl & Beauty 250ml 

NIVEA Deo Pearl & Beauty Roll-on

Shower puff

NIVEA Luscious Lips - €8.99

This is a gorgeous collection of NIVEA’s favourite lip care 

essentials – a perfect option for those who love the outdoors 

and do not want chapped lips standing in their way of the 

slopes in January.

NIVEA Lipcare Essential Care      

NIVEA Lipcare Pearly Shine

NIVEA Lipcare Raspberry Butter Tin

NIVEA Lipcare Original Butter Tin

NIVEA Hydrated Skin - €8.99

This lovely treat will keep skin looking gorgeous throughout the harsh winter months. The gift set has your skin nourished from top to toe:

NIVEA Body Express Hydration 250ml   

NIVEA Hand Express Hydration 100ml  
NIVEA Lipcare Hydra Care

Optrex Eyedew Dazzling - €5.67
This is another handy stocking filler idea.  Optrex Eyedew Dazzling is one of those secret weapons that make-up artists and celebrities cannot live without.   A couple of drops of Eyedew Dazzling into your eyes and you won't believe how bright and sparkly your eyes become.   This is a perfect gift for those Christmas party revellers, going from desk to dance floor during the holidays!  See full review here

E45 Constant Moisture Build Formula - €7.49

Enriched with natural derived lipid and glycerine that works with your skin to replenish lost hydration and then build and maintain it throughout the day.    What’s more the lotions are fragrance-free which means you can apply E45 lotion and then your favourite Christmas-time fragrance without the two clashing.

Scholl Express Pedi - €49.99

OK, so this one is pricier than the other budget-friendly buys, but  it promises to bring out your natural soft skin in a safe, pain free and effortless way. Scholl’s Express Pedi gives you professional pedicure results without the hefty salon price tag.  Your Christmas party shoes will look extra-fabulous on soft and smooth looking feet. This is one investment for the future that you'll get multiple uses out of for the price of just one pedicure!

Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit - €39.99

Again, this one isn't as budget-friendly as the others, but if it means salon wax results at home and can be used both for underarms, legs and bikini for around €40 then count me in! It promises to "deliver a consistently perfect dose of warm smooth wax, for professional results, even from the first attempt."

It may not be the most glamourous gift to give someone, but I'm thinking as a gift of sorts to yourself it will be well worth every penny spent and won't be sitting in a drawer gathering dust like that "trendy makeup set" you get from your Aunt Doris every year.

Have any of you actually started your Xmas shopping yet?

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