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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Lash Love: Eldora False Lashes

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know by now that I love lashes. So much so in fact that I actually collect them - much like others collect shoes and handbags. Yup, lashes are one of my weaknesses. And so it is that I'm also on the lookout for new types of lashes for my kit whether they be synthetic or human hair, dainty and light or full on drag queen drama - you can never have too many! ;)

I recently got these beauties from Eldora who are well known within the beauty industry for their vast selection of lashes.

D152 - Wing shaped lashes with diamante crystal stones


These are on a very fine, thin bad and are quite long and wispy accentuated with the pretty crystals - I'm really looking forward to trying these out over Christmas which always calls for a bit of bling!

They come in your standard lash tray - complete with adhesive. I normally ditch the adhesives that come supplied with lashes, favouring to use DUO adhesive instead - however it's handy to keep the mini lash glues that come with lash sets as they're purse-friendly and can come in handy in an emergency when you get wonky-lashitis at 2am on a night out ;)

B178 - Dark Synthesis


Oh my! These are SO thick and dense with a criss-cross effect going on. These actually remind me of Illamasqua's Lashes in Lush (£14.50) given the density, but for less than half price!

You may not be able to tell from the photos, but these are double layered lashes (again, like the Illamasqua ones) however the bottom layer is a deep black, whilst the top layer is a rich brown. I've never had brown lashes before, so they're definitely nice for a change.

Even though they're very thick and dense, they do taper out and get wispy at the ends to give a more flattering look - these ones are definitely more on the dramatic side though.

These obviously aren't going to be to everyones taste but if you're looking for a full on lash to get noticed, you'll be hard pressed to find a pair to compete with these - especially at less the price.

These are my pick of the bunch - I just need somewhere to go with them now, hmmm...

Next pair up is H113


These ones are actually real hair. Funnily enough, I didn't find them any "softer" than the synthetic lashes, so I'm not sure whether that means they're highly processed or else the synthetic lashes are actually of very high quality. Either way, I found it pretty hard to distinguish these from the synthetic lashes. The unnatural style of them may have had something to do with that also.

Again, these are on a thin band which gives good flexibility - meaning they should be easier to apply. A good/bad band makes all the difference to a pair of lashes.

These too are very full and dense - but are singularly layered. They flare out nicely at the ends and variate between shorter and longer lashes give some depth.

These are probably my least favourite from the bunch - no particular reason, I just prefer the other styles to this but I do have to say that human hair lashes for just £4.50 is pretty much unheard of - so there's value to be had in these!

And now, last, but most certainly not least as I'm sure you'll agree when you see them...


At £11.50 they are by far, the most expensive out of the bunch - but for the type of lashes they are, I don't find them expensive at all. I know personally, I've spent multiples on this before for lashes that weren't half as nice. Fantasy type lashes are always going to cost that bit more due them being more of a specialty product but the price point of these certainly doesn't put me off.

These are a really light, wispy lash at first but then they branch out into burlesque-heaven! They're embellished with pretty brown feather with white spots and finished off with the most beautiful, elongated plum feathers. I've never seen any lashes quite like these before. I'm already getting excited thinking of what looks to try these out on!

These are definitely statement lashes - not for the fainthearted!

If you're a Makeup Artist you can also avail of a professional discount - handy for when you want to replenish your kit or get some flamboyant lashes for a special shoot.

You can apply here: Eldora Makeup Artist Account

Where you need to supply the usual criteria, e.g. Qualification & Tear Sheet etc..

The prices I have listed above are the RRP and do not include the Pro Discount.

Eldora have one of the best and most varied selection of lashes I've ever seen online before - everything from natural daytime lashes, to massive feather lashes and unique fabric lashes.

Check out their shop here; Eldora Lashes Shop

UK Delivery is Free and European Delivery is £1.50 (which is VERY reasonable) or Free if you spend over £20 (before any pro discount is applied) They also deliver worldwide for £2.90 - or Free if you spend over £20 - again, this is before any discount.

What do you think of the lashes? Would you wear any of these or are they a bit too OTT for you?

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