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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Nailed It! Nail Art Supplies

I've long been in awe of the plethora of amazing nail art tutorials there are out there, but I have to admit I haven't tried anything too adventurous just yet when it comes to painting nails (I feel much more at home painting faces!) however with the likes of the amazingly talented Miss Greeneyes and Cuti-CLUE-les showing off their latest creations on an almost daily basis, it's spurred me on to try out this whole nail art malarkey and see what I've been missing out on all along. 

So of course, that required a few purchases which I thought I'd share with you today.

16pc Nail Art Brush Set

Synthetic brushes + dotting tool (I've wanted to try out one of these for so long!)

I opted for these in hot pink as most of my brushes are the stand black with silver ferrule and I didn't want to get them mixed up. On saying that however, I actually think some of these brushes would make amazing eyeliner brushes as they are so small and precise. The look like they would also be great for very fine, precision detail work if you want to get extra arty with your eyes and as they're synthetic they'll be well suited to work with cream products and gel liners etc...

10pc Nail Wheel

I also got a set of 10 nail wheels - well practice does make perfect after all. I'm also thinking that these may come in handy for cataloging my polish collection. The majority of my polishes are Catrice, which as much as I love them them and all, trying to find a particular among your stash when they all have black lids and are standing upright can be a bit troublesome - yes, first world problems. I know.

Looking forward to trying out some designs on these now that I have the tools to play around with.

Metal Gold Bows

I also ordered some metal gold bows, I can't wait to use these. I'm thinking that they'd go very well with some dark polish bases like black, plum, navy & red.

They're teeny tiny and very cute 

All of the above were sourced on eBay. Prices vary but it was all cheap as chips - plenty of bargains to be had on there if you don't mind possible lengthy delivery times. I've also ordered some striping tape, metal studs and a few other bits and pieces but I'm still awaiting arrival of these.

So, are there any "must have" nail art tools or stuffs I should have?
Did you get any particularly good bargains on eBay for nail stuff in the past? Let me know in the comments below, thanks :)
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