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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sunday Shockalocks : Surya Brasil Amazonia Preciosa Hair Mask Review

Hi all! I hope you're all enjoying a nice lazy Sunday all cosied up and warm. The weather is horrible at the minute - so dark, dull and grey. Not nice at all. It's a perfect excuse though to get all warm and snuggly indoors in front of a fire and veg out to some Christmas movies - can't believe it's that time of year again!

Oh, I know you're probably thinking, why is she talking about Christmas so soon - it's not my fault though, the Christmas movies are on non-stop on Sky and the shops are already tempting me with their festive treats. Christmas starts sooner and sooner each year as soon as Halloween is over, BAM, out comes the decorations.

Speaking of Halloween, my hair was put through the rounds over the bank holiday weekend with lots and lots of backcombing and hairspray galore. Sure, I got the look I was after but all the backcombing and teasing certainly left my hair in a bit of a state afterwards to say the least.

Be warned;

My hair really was a veritable birds nest full of tangles and knots like no other and I dreaded getting it back into shape again. Honestly, I feared I wouldn't be able to run a brush through it - I really did go a little OTT on the ol' hairsrapy, backcombing and dry shampoo to get it really poofy.

As luck would have it however, I was recently sent a Amazonia Preciosa Brazil Nut Hair Mask to try out and this turned out to be my saviour and godsend all in one.

Rich in Vitamins E, B1, B3, B6, Omega-3s, copper and zinc.

Natural, vegan and organic

"This hair care range has been blended from ingredients sourced in the Amazon and has restorative, nutrative, revitalising, restructuring and clarifying treatment powers.  Use on a regular basis to effect long term health for your hair and scalp."


"Each hair mask is produced with a base essential oil extracted from the Preciosa Tree, an Amazonian native, and mixed with specially selected plants, fruits and herbs.  These ingredients help restructure the hair strands, making them stronger and protecting against sun rays, wind, pollution and other chemicals such as smoke that can damage the hair. Each ingredient is ethically and sustainably harvested, to support the local economy and indigenous population."

The hair mask comes in a aluminium-type squeezable tube - not too unlike your standard toothpaste.

I actually really like how easy it is to dispense product from this - I'm not a big fan of large pots and jars you have to scoop out product with your fingers with - plus it's easy to gauge how much you have actually left and how much you're using with each use.

The hair mask inside is lovely and buttery - it reminds me of a rich shea butter body lotion as opposed to a creamy hair conditioner that I was expecting. It has a lovely emollient rich consistency and you can definitely smell brazil nuts in there - in fact, the scent almost reminded me of a vague marzipan type scent. Very nice, I liked it a lot. Not at all overpowering.

Directions recommend to use with a "thermal cap" - not having one of these to hand, or well more precisely, having never even heard of one of these before, I resorted to using my tried and trusted method - a good old plastic shower cap followed by wrapping it in a warm towel.

Given that my hair was in such a state, I left it a lot longer than the advised 10-15 minutes. Overnight to be precise. I felt my hair could really do with the intensive moisturising boost as it was really in birds nest territory unfortunately. :(

I used a fairly large blog (very technical term there) on my first use, however for subsequent uses, I've been using the amount of a €2 coin and that seems to be more than sufficient for my needs.

After leaving it overnight, I attempted to tackle my tangled tresses with a wide toothed comb so as to prevent any further breakage and thankfully, the hair mask really helped to lubricate my hair for the comb to do it's thang without pulling and snapping my hair. In fact, I'd go as far as to say the hair mask added elasticity back into my hair which I fear would have stretched and snapped otherwise.

Seeing as this does not contain any silicones, you may find that this doesn't give you that "OMG it's soooo silky" feeling when you're rinsing it out, but I can definitely say hand on heart my hair was in MUCH better condition after just the first use and when it dried, it was left looking lovely and shiny and silky. Hurrah! It worked! :D

I've been using this in between every second wash or so as I've been trying to make amends with my poor hair after the way it was abused over Halloween. In fact, I'm looking forward to taking a nice long, hot bath this evening with the Brazil Nut hair mask doing it's thing wrapped up in the trusty and ever reliable shower cap & hot fluffy towel method.

When I run out (which is sooner than I'd like as I used a LOT of this on my first use) I'll definitely be replacing this - without a doubt. It did what it promised, what more could I ask? After taming my unruly locks after Halloween it really stood up to the test. Thank you Surya Brasil! :D

Along with the Brazil Nut Hair Mask, the Amazonia Preciosa range also comes with a mask to suit every hair type;

   Ucuuba Hair Mask for curly and fragile hair. Controls volume, hydrates, softens and shapes curls. Increases hair strength and manageability.

      Buriti Hair Mask for dyed and damaged hair. Rich in Vitamin A, naturally absorbs UV rays.

      Murumuru Hair Mask for oily hair. Protects and strengthens the hair. Regulates and cleanses the excess of oil, while moisturising dry tips.

   Cupuacu Hair Mask for normal and straight hair. Protects, thickens and strengthens hair.

Amazonia Preciosa Hair Mask €11.50 for 120g

Available from

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