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Friday, 15 November 2013

Yuletide Treats from YON-KA

If you're a regular reader you'll know that I have a lot of love for YON-KA - the French luxury skincare brand really delivers on quality and it's a personal favourite of mine when it comes to keeping your skin in check over the winter months due to the brands hard working yet gentle on your skin formulas which are made from 90% natural ingredients.

I normally stock up on skincare during the winter months in the run up to Christmas as there's normally great value to be had with the various gift set offerings - usually making a saving on the RRP.

When I came across YON-KA's 2013 Christmas offerings I thought they were too good to pass up and wanted to share them with you all. The range features three beauty clutches containing products which target hydration, vitality and body softness.

The Hydration and Vitality clutches contain two full size products 

and one miniature whereas the Softness clutch contains two full


Absolute Hydration

The Hydration set contains the brands three most hydrating and comforting products, namely Creme 28 a day cream, Hydralia an intensely hydrating and hardworking serum and Masque No. 1 which is a personal favourite of mine - see review here

Next on my wish list is;

Absolute Vitality

These products are designed to be radiance boosting - which

sounds like they might be the perfect pick-me-up after one too 

many mince  pies and glasses of mulled wine. This set contains 

 Pamplemousse (Which happens to be one of my favourite words

 - Pamplemousse, I could say it all day!) which is apparently a 

celeb-fav day moisturiser. You'll also find night cream Phyto 58

and last but not least, my hero product Masque No. 1

Last up to complete the trio is;

Absolute Softness

This is one for the body care lovers out there! All that rich food, late night partying and central heating doesn't do your skin any favours, however this looks to remedy this as it contains Lait Corps a velvety hydrating body milk along with Nutri-Protect, a 3-in-1 repairing hand cream, so there'll be no excuses for chapped and dry hands with this in your handbag!

I think these a lovely, well rounded selection of some of YON-KA's best loved products all wrapped up in a cute clutch. I think Mammy Morte be in line to get one of these as it was her who initally introduced me to the brand back in my teens when I frosted white eyeshadow and glitter was the height of glamour and sophistication - oh the shame.

Pricing and Availability;

Absolute Hydration Set - £80 / €95
Absolute Vitality Set - £78 / €93
Absolute Softness Set - £52 / €62
Renaissance Skincare

Are any of these sets calling to you the way they are me yet? :)
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