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Friday, 20 December 2013

Eye of Horus Cosmetics - Awaken the Goddess within!

Hello all!

I'm really excited to share this new brand that I recently discovered - let me introduce you to Eye of Horus Cosmetics. They're an iconic Australian brand fairly new on the shores over here and first impressions are excellent - their promo images are ah-mazing - right up there with Illamasqua for creativity and drop dead all round gorgeousness.

But looks aren't everything right, so what about the company itself?

Well, Eye of Horus are paraben and cruelty free, contain as much natural content as possible and are suitable for even those with sensitive skin. There's no animal testing on their products or their ingredients - so double kudos there!

The packaging is lush! Black and luxurious gold - straight off the bat they look and feel like premium products, these are definitely a step up from the high street brands. 

My package came wrapped in gold paper inside a black and gold Eye of Horus gift bag, complete with gold handle - if you're stuck for a last minute present, whether it be for yourself or for someone else, you'll definitely feel like you've been spoiled rotten opening some Eye of Horus products. 

I've been trying out the Goddess Mascara in black with Egyptian Moringa Oil and the Emerald Tabula Goddess Pencil.

"Goddess Eye Liner pencils are uniquely formulated with beautiful waxes in a creamy rich formula ideal to draw, smudge, smoke, and define the eye blending, or combining with our Goddess Eye shadows. Can be used for day wear to accentuate eyes, or evening wear to get that sensual smokey look. Smudger on tip allows to define or smoulder as much as you like.
Safe to apply to waterline,  It literally glides onto the lid so smoothly with no pull, and once it sets its truly waterproof and has lasting power that stays all day and night."

The Emerald Tabula Goddess Pencil is ultra creamy and very pigmented. It really reminded me of Urban Decays 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils - very smooth to apply with no tugging of the delicate eye area. Longevity was fantastic - I easily got 8+ hours of long lasting, smudge free wear.

Inspired by the shade and the Egyptian origins of this brand really makes me want to go out and create a Cleopatra inspired look now. These products are just calling out to be used for a Liz Taylor makeover! Think lots of teals, emerald greens and petrol blues set off with metallic gold highlights and mega winged liner!

Of course, you don't have to be quite so OTT - the Emerald Pencil looks great when applied to your waterline and slightly underneath your lower lash line to make an otherwise everyday nude, matte eye look really POP! I've also tried it as a winged liner with Sugarpills Goldilux Chromalust - the combination of metallic gold and emerald looks great, I'll definitely be wearing a lot more of this over Christmas.

The pencil is double-ended and features a handy sponge smudger to smoke out your liner and blend any harsh edges.

I've also been trying out the Goddess Mascara in black with Egyptian Moringa Oil

More beautiful imagery!

"Uniquely formulated in the style of the ancient Egyptians with natural waxes and the revered Moringa Oil, found in Tutankhamen’s tomb. Ideal for sensitive eyes, Eye Of Horus Goddess Mascara strengthens and lengthens for Ultimate Goddess lashes. Natural based formula wont clump, run or smudge.
Volumising, Nourishing, Paraben Free."

I'm not a huge mascara aficionado, sacrilege I know, however as I religiously bin every mascara once they hit the 6 week mark once opened no matter how much is left or how good they are, I hate shelling out big bucks on something I know I'm only going to get 6 weeks out of, max. However this really feels like a high end product with the luxe packaging and the formula inside doesn't let it down either! Oh no!

"Suffering from sensitive eyes and fine, brittle lashes we researched how the Aincent Egyptians used natural waxes and oils in their iconic beauty products. We used this aincent formula as a basis for our eye makeup range to provide products that are naturally based, non irritating, nourishing and great for sensitivities"

The wand can really make or break a mascara and I'm pleased to say that I love this wand! It's got a slight hourglass shape and it's made of stiff synthetic bristles which make it really easy to get at the roots of your lashes to build thickness and volume.

The inclusion of Moringa Oil feels very nourishing on lashes, and it's super pigmented leaving a lovely glossy black patent finish. 

Panda eyes, clumpy lashes and flakiness are my absolute mascara pet-peeves, but I had no such issues with this beaut.

I really loved this mascara when since I've started using it because it sweeps on, defines lashes beautifully – with no clumping nor gluing.

It leaves lashes feeling flexible rather than stiff and comes off really easily.  A great one for sensitive eyes so this is a brand to earmark if you find some mascaras irritating.
Despite the massive number of mascaras on the market, finding that perfect mascara can be a bit like finding the Holy Grail but Eye of Horus has developed a formula that won’t run, smudge or clump and it strengthens and lengthens for ultimate “goddess lashes”. If you love a mascara that veers towards natural and is non-irritating, then this one’s probably got your name on it.

Removal is a cinch with a cloth warmed with water (yes, just water!) as the heat melts the waxes, or use your usual eye makeup remover or all over cleanser to gently sweep it off.

Mascara and liner are everyday staples of mine so, like most ladies I've tried quite a number throughout the years, often feeling disappointed and let down by outrageous claims - not so with Eye of Horus however. The products really live up to their description and do as they're supposed to without costing the Earth either which is a welcome relief.
Emerald Tabula Goddess Pencil £13 / €15.50
Goddess Mascara £17 / €20

Find them here at Eye of Horus Cosmetics

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