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Saturday, 21 December 2013

FrontCover Rainbow Queen

Hi everyone!

A while back I reviewed the FrontCover Party Queen Edition (see other FrontCover Cosmetics review here) and as part of my review I mentioned that the two included pots of glitter were scarcely filled. Now, when I opened them there really was only a bare covering on the bottom of the pots of glitter, but in fairness I didn't mind - there was 19 separate pieces of makeup included in the set so I wasn't going to gripe about two scantily filled glitter pots especially for the mucho-affordable price of the entire shebang, however the lovely folks over at FrontCover got wind of this in my review and as a result, they personally checked all of their available stock at hand to ensure that all the glitter pots were adequately filled (they were) and they wanted to send me out the Rainbow Queen palette by way of apology.

Now, the only reason I'm prefacing this by mentioning this scenario at all is to give you an idea of the AMAZING customer service by FrontCover! I had no issue at all with the glitter pots - it was merely an observation I wanted to point out in my previous review as I always want to be honest and up front with my readers at all times, and being perfectly honest I've often purchased MAC pigments which were just about half-ways filled - but I am of course aware that pigments and glitters are generally filled by weight and not volume so you do get discrepancies when opening pots for the first time. It's happens - no big deal!

I was however blown away by how seriously and thoroughly FrontCover took this issue, checking their inventory and sending out this palette by way of apology (when none was needed in the first place) So I thought it only right to let you guys know how conscientious the brand is. It's not everyday you get such stellar service and when you do, you should tell everyone about it!

So big THANK YOU to FrontCover! It's great to see a brand so committed to their customers and such attentive service.

In the Rainbow Queen Edition you'll find:

  • X20 Click In Eyeshadows
  • 1 Refillable Compact 
  • Double Ended Applicator
  • Shadowbase
  • Shadowline
  • Double Ended Mascara
In other words, quite a bit for your money. There's definite bang for you buck going on here.

This set comes with an ingenious portable shadow palette with space for 4 shadows and the included double-ended brush. You can customise the palette with your 4 favourite shadows - simply click them in and off you go. Want to change the colours for night-time? Then simply pop out the shades and replace them with your new chosen colours and off you go!


All swatches are done over one swipe of the Shadow Base. I also applied a one-stroke swatch of each shadow using the Shadowline Eyeliner underneath for reference.

Row 1

These shades are very frosted leaning towards the metallic end of the spectrum. Pigmentation was decent and they give a high-shine finish. The shades in this really reminded me of the Palette D'Antoinette by Lime Crime - think shimmery pastels.

Row 2

These were a lovely selection of Autumnal shades - gold toned olive greens and warm rust toned autumn leaves. Very decent colour pay off with these and they have a satin/frost finish.

If you want to pair these with the Shadowline Eyeliner to create your own custom liner, you can see that it doesn't effect the colour or finish of the shadows and they stay true to form even when creating a liner.

Row 3

This was probably my favourite selection of shades - I normally go for cool toned shadows and there was a nice selection of shades here. Black Spark was my favourite shade out of the bunch - it didn't translate well on the photos but it's actually a lovely charcoal black with electric blue sparkles and shimmer running through it. This would be awesome with a festive smokey eye with lots of glitz and sparkle. :D

Row 4

The last row were much more muted shades but yet again have that lovely high frost, shimmer and metallic look to them. These would make lovely brow highlights and both Corona and Day Star could also be used as a gorgeous cheekbone highlight if you wanted.

  Customisable Mirror Compact

Nice combination of colours were already in the compact - good pigmentation and easy to blend and smoke out. With this compact you can mix and match the shades and bring any 4 with you when you're on the go for touch ups throughout the day - or bring some darker shades with you for more depth and definition if you want to quickly transform your daytime look into an evening look

Shadowbase lid primer

This is a lovely champagne shade to suit nearly all skintones. Can be worn on it's own or as a primer underneath your shadows to make the colour really POP and to enhance longevity and keep creasing at bay.

The Shadowline Eyeliner is similar to Inglot's Duraline and Too Faced's Liquify Eye Shadow Transformer in that it's a clear liquid which can turn any powder eye shadow / pressed pigment or loose powder into a custom eyeliner.

It has a nice stiff applicator making it a cinch to get straight, neat lines and line close to the lash line. The shape also makes winging your liner a breeze.

I always clean the applicator after every use with 99.9% Isopropyl alcohol so that I'm not dipping the coloured wand back in each time as eventually I'm sure the liquid inside would turn murky and your liner won't look as fresh or vibrant. That's just me though!

There's also a mascara included in the set. Nice shaped wand. The mascara itself does the job and I wasn't left with clumpy lashes / panda eyes or flaking - always a good sign!

Lastly, there's also a double ended brush included - one fluffy blending side and the other side for smuding and crease work. It's not a brush I would have up there with my MAC brushes, but it does the job and it fits in the portable mirror compact so you can't really complain. Plus you can never have too many brushes, so it's always handy to have a few extra around the place.

I've previously reviewed these extra items included in the set so if you want some more in-depth info or photos then please check out this and this, thanks :)

If you're stuck for a last minute Xmas gift for a fellow beauty enthusiast, I don't think you can go too far wrong with this for the price.

There's 25 separate makeup items in this set for the very affordable price of £35 / €42

This would also make a great buy for someone making their first foray into the world of makeup as there's a good mix of eye products included with which you can create lots of fun looks.

It's also very reassuring to know that if you ever have any issues, FrontCover Cosmetics are there to help and do their best to assist which is something well worth pointing out.

Find FrontCover Cosmetics here,

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