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About Me

Hi there!

If you've come this far you're probably wondering about who runs this blog, well to get the ball rolling...

I'm Belle and I'm a professional, fully qualified Makeup Artist. I work freelance and love creating looks from Bridal to Burlesque, Fantasy and Avant Garde to Gorey Zombie looks and just about everything else in between, including your wearable everyday kind of looks :)

I'm fully trained in all aspects of Makeup Artistry including Fashion and Bridal, Film & TV, Special FX, Theatre and High Fashion looks.

I have also trained as a journalist and I am a Beauty Journalist who freelances for a lot of local print media and glossy magazines. As such, I love nothing more than sharing new product launches with my readers and giving them the latest scoop in what's happening in the world of beauty and all the latest trends.

If you think my readers would be interested to hear of your products and see full swatches and photos, then please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss a review. You can contact me on: BelleMorteBeauty (AT)

Overall, I'm just girl who loves makeup, cosmetics and all things beauty related and who spends FAR too much than she should on makeup, but hey, a girl can never have enough lipstick, right? ;)

Thank you so much for checking out my Blog, I really appreciate it!

If you have any suggestions for my Blog, or if there's anything you'd like to see, then please do let me know.

"A girl with too many lipsticks and a blog about them"

Belle xXx

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